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We at Analytik Jena UK provide & develop a broad range of automated solutions to enhance your laboratory workflows. Our application development is customer driven, and enables us to be at the leading edge of the newest areas of research. Let us take your laboratory throughput to the next level.

Work with us and benefit from:

  • Experienced Field based scientific & automation expertise

  • UK based factory trained service team

  • Extensive portfolio of pre-tested applications & workflows

  • Industry leading products Liquid Handling Devices,  with outstanding precision, robustness and accuracy.

Choose AJ UK for your automation journey

Small footprint - Big potential

Our flagship liquid handler is the flexible CyBio FeliX, which we deploy across most of our installations. Its modular design gives you the power to build your automation to suit your needs. Choose from 1, 8/12, 96 and 384 channel transfers across a range of volumes. On deck shakers, grippers and temperature control allows you to design workflows that are truly walk-away. 

Kick-start your automation journey with off-the-shelf solutions based on our FeliX liquid handler. Get in touch to discuss your specific application query or workflow.    CONTACT US

Take control of your automation

  • Tailor automation software to your need
  • Create workflows that update on the fly 
  • Dedicated scripting and troubleshooting on hand to help

Our customers benefit from hands on training classes covering every part of the automation process. Get your team automating in no time. 

"Upskilling our partners gives them the confidence to embrace automation in new ways"

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