CyBio QuadStack Series Compact and flexible microplate storage with four stacks

  • Rotating stacks
  • Availability of different access modules
  • Two different stack heights

Next generation microplate storage devices - with four stacks, the CyBio QuadStack offers the most compact setup on a comparable small footprint.

Microplate Storage

Ultra-compact and flexible microplate stoarage with four stacks

  • Rotating microplate storage on smallest footprint (370 x 380 mm)
  • Availability of different access modules for versatile operation possibilities
  • Two different stack heights are available (555 mm / 755 mm)
  • Offers the highest flexibility and modularity

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Compact and Flexible

The CyBio QuadStack stores up to 280 microplates in four different stacks, saving valuable laboratory space. The patented plate storage system enables maximum plate capacity in the smallest space by rotating stacks and a transfer position. To ensure user-friendly loading and unloading of the plates, the doors of the stacking towers have been specially ergonomically designed.


Technical Data

Dimension (width x depth x height)

CyBio QuadStack M

370 mm x 393 mm x 966.5 mm

CyBio QuadStack L

370 mm x 393 mm x 1166.5 mm

Order Information

Order number


OL5003-26-001 CyBio QuadStack M, Compact and flexible microplate storage
OL5003-26-002 CyBio QuadStack L, Compact and flexible microplate storage


CyBio QuadStack Barcode Reader NLV 3101 OL5003-24-741
E-Stop Control Device OL3401-91-090-30
Lift Link Module OL5003-14-470
Lift Turn Lift Module OL5003-25-477


CyBio Composer

As the backbone of our liquid handling and automation software, CyBio Composer ensures the reliable and detailed operation of CyBio FeliX as well as accessories and devices from 3rd party suppliers facilitating detailed instrument control on a scripting level. While mostly working in the background, CyBio Composer monitors user permissions and records user interactions, errors and other execution information.

  • Powerful scripting environment
  • Direct access to all hardware functions and liquid handling parameters
  • Possibility of connecting to databases and LIMS systems
Product Required Included
CyBio QuadStack M (OL5003-26-001)
CyBio QuadStack L (OL5003-26-002)

CyBio Scheduler Software

Order number: OL9515-40-001

The CyBio Scheduler software allows for the parallel and time-optimized control of several laboratory instruments to execute a number of diverse workflows. The Software provides flexibility and precision to run your automation system. No matter how complex your assays are, with CyBio Scheduler you will achieve reproducible and uniform conditions and assay results for each individual plate.

  • Easy drag & drop workflow creation
  • Powerful and fast assay optimization
  • Precise fast assay simulation
  • Automatic synchronization and optimization
  • Scheduled processing including online visualization
  • Cycle and assay interleaving
  • Multi-faceted interfaces with your LIMS, network and database
  • Versatile error recovery and message services
  • Tracking of all relevant sub-processes
  • Identification and status of all microplates in the process
  • Easy data import and export
Product Required Included
CyBio QuadStack M (OL5003-26-001)
CyBio QuadStack L (OL5003-26-002)


Br MALDI Sample Preparation (EN)
Brochure CyBio QuadStack (EN)
Brochure LabAutomation Product Overview (EN)
Brochure Product Guide Life Science (EN)
Brochure-Liquid-Handling-PlatformAutomation Solutions
Broschüre Produktführer Life Science (DE)
Operating Manual CyBio QuadStack (DE)
Operating Manual CyBio QuadStack (EN)

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