Food & Agriculture Solutions and applications

From Farm to Fork Individual solutions to meet the essential requirements for food safety

This article about Food Safety provides a first overview about Analytik Jena solutions for food and agriculture analysis. Food safety covers many aspects of the food chain – from point-of-origin to the nutritional value, the presence of pathogens, toxic metals, and other biological contaminants, to the elemental composition of animal feed and soil that affect animal and plant health. National and international directives help to regulate the industry and define limits along the food chain from primary agricultural production to food processing and consumption. Learn more on how Analytik Jena products can help you to meet industry requirements, all the way from Farm to Fork.

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Water Pathogen Detection

Discover simplified and reliable ways for the detection of water-based pathogens. Learn wich indicators Analytik Jena solutions are ideal for and how effiecient biological water testing can be done.

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Web Seminars Food Analysis

Analysis of Dairy Products

In this web seminar Analytik Jena presents a variety of solutions for the chemical and biological analysis of milk and other dairy products. All technologies and methods are suitable for routine analysis in an industrial context as well as for special analysis tasks.

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Analysis of Beverages

In this web seminar Analytik Jena is highlighting analytical methods for the reliable and efficient determination of various elements, elemental species, TOC (Total organic Carbon), CO2 from wine, beer, water and juice samples.

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Food authenticity

The exact analysis is crucial

Food authenticity is a topic of increasing importance. Learn about the different types of analyses and discover the high potential of molecular biological approaches.

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