Determination of Smallest Traces of Chlorine in Organic Matrices

The new high sensitive chlorine option: Available for multi X 2500 and multi EA 5000


Easy Chlorine Determination: Upgrade to boost your chlorine analysis!

Simplify the determination of low chlorine concentrations with the multi EA 5000 and multi X 2500. By upgrading to our new sensor electrode, you will secure numerous advantages:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Minimized maintenance and downtime
  • Environmentally friendly due to absence of mercury*
  • Extended lifetime of the electrodes
  • Easier handling and cleaning
  • Faster readiness for measurement
  • Dry storage prevents damage

* Proper disposal of Hg-containing electrodes, additional costs may be charged.

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Upgrade now!

Switch to mercury-free chlorine analysis today for the good of the environment: Better performance and sustainability included. The upgrade is available for all generations of the multi X 2500 and the multi EA 5000 working with the high sensitive option for chlorine or EOX analysis. The multi EA 5100 is standardly equipped with the new high sensitive electrode.

Boost your chlorine analysis in environmental monitoring, petrochemical applications, and food and agriculture quality control. Applications include edible oil amd palm oil analysis, fuels, aromatic hydrocarbons (ASTM D5808 in refineries), paper recycling and production (ISO 11480), or EOX determination in waste.

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