DNA Size Selection With the ProNex® Size-Selective Purification System on the CyBio FeliX

Automated DNA Size Selection

Up to 96-well dsDNA size selection has been optimized on the CyBio FeliX. Achieve high-throughput and high specificity DNA recovery of your chosen size. Purify dsDNA ideal for NGS and PCR by combining the ProNex® Size-Selective Purification System with the CyBio FeliX.


Benefits of  automating 

  • Easy setup

  • Process in minutes   

  • Automated standard curve generation 

  • Parallel 96 transfers 

  • Scalable & reproducible

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DNA size selection on the CyBio FeliX

The ProNex® Size-Selective Purification System permits the purification of dsDNA fragments from 100bp to 750bp. By varying the volume ratio of ProNex® Size-Selective to your sample DNA, you can purify the fragment of your choice. Both single and double size-cleanups can be performed to exclude dsDNA fragments above and below your chosen size.

ProNex Protocol Setup

With the CyBio FeliX, you can customize your cleanup by selecting the number of samples and bead:sample ratio at the start of the run. The CyBio FeliX will then resuspend and multi-dispense the beads as required. This avoids manual pipetting of bead solutions!

For two step size selection, two bead plates can be prepared in one step.

Size Selection

Up to 96 samples are then transferred to the ProNex® beads, facilitating binding of the target DNA. A mixture of on-deck shaking, and tip mixing permits ideal bead resuspension. The on-deck gripper then transfers the sample and beads to the magnet.

Once on the magnet, DNA of unwanted size can be discarded, and washing cycles can be performed!


Sample Recovery

Finally eluted DNA is added to the beads, which are recovered into a plate of your choosing. Samples are then ready for downstream processing!

Sensitive & Accurate Single and Dual-Size Cleanup

Purify your DNA with the CyBio FeliX

Achieve rapid and precise size selection of up to 96 dsDNA samples with the CyBio FeliX. With highly selective DNA purification, benefit from improved downstream processing, be that sequencing or PCR amplification.

Data showing varying ProNex® chemistry:sample ratios as prepared with the CyBio FeliX. Data collected using either a single size-selective approach (A) or a dual sizes selective approach (B).

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DNA size selection with ProNex & the CyBio FeliX

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