Total Organic Carbon Analysis by Wet Chemical UV Digestion (TOC-UV)​

The multi N/C 4300 UV is ideal for TOC analysis with wet chemical UV digestion. Flow injection technology combined with a high-performance UV reactor make these devices, with their high injection volumes, the perfect ultra-trace level analyzers to determine TOC. Hard-wearing and robust, they are also suitable for samples with aggressive matrices such as highly acidic or alkaline solutions.

UV digestion without persulfate

Thanks to the high-performance UV reactor with two high-energy UV wavelengths, organic compounds in the sample can be quickly and completely oxidized without the need for persulfate as an oxidizing agent. This saves both time and chemicals, as well as helping achieve a higher level of sustainability and occupational safety.

Discover our precision trace detector, the ideal analyzer for the smallest quantities of TOC in pharmaceutical ultrapure water and aggressive matrices.