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Service Contract Modules for Individual Configuration Design Your Own Service Contract

Dynamic business environments require speed and scope for decision-making. That's why you need a service partner who is flexible enough to support your specific business model. With our new service contract modules, you can put together your service contract individually and select exactly the services that fit your requirements. Of course, with the high service standards that you know from Analytik Jena: competent, fast, friendly.


Benefit from your modular service contract

  • Customized - design your own service contract: Our modular service package gives you the design freedom you need for your business model. Whether maintenance, repair, or reaction time - you know best what you need. We take care of the "how" and offer you every service module with the best quality.

  • Powerful - secure best performance and minimum downtime: Ensure the high performance of your instruments over the entire product lifetime. We take care of your instruments so that you can focus on your analyses. Ensure standard-compliant, reproducible analysis results, work safety, and minimum downtime in the event of maintenance or repair.

  • Cost efficient - tailor-made and plannable: No rigid contract constructs, no unnecessary expenses: You choose and pay only for the services you need. The initial budgeting of the modules when signing the contract makes servicing your device financially plannable. This eliminates financial and organizational expenses during the year. Upgrades by adding further modules are of course possible at any time

  • Time-saving - efficient processes, minimal organizational effort: More time for day-to-day business, less organizational effort - indispensable in times of scarce personnel resources. We make organizing your services easy and convenient: Our friendly customer service reminds you of your due appointments, and in the event of a repair, our service staff will be on site quickly - if you book the "Reaction Time" module, even within a defined period of time. One call is all it takes, saving you valuable time

  • Strong partner: Analytik Jena stands for competent personal service directly from the manufacturer. With more than 25 years of experience in the development and manufacture of instruments, you have a strong and experienced partner at your side. Our experienced technical staff know "their" devices and their functions from the ground up, and our friendly customer service is there for you personally.

Buy more - Save more with our Discounts

Buy more, save more - with our modular service contracts, we make this also possible. Get attractive discounts for your contract modules: buy two modules and you will receive a 2% discount on the total price of your contract, with three modules, you will receive a 4% discount. The discount increases by a further 2% with each module, up to a 10% discount for six modules. 

Our contract modules

Operational qualification

The operational qualification (OQ) proves that the device and its components function correctly and that the defined metrological properties are fulfilled. Standard measurements verify and document the reproducibility of the measurement data. In the event of repairs, modifications, or relocation of the unit to another location, we recommend repeating the OQ.

Scope of services

  • Standard measurements according to OQ plan
  • Verification and audit-proof documentation of the unit function

Repair & Maintain

Our Repair & Maintain module is the cost backstop for all those who want planning security and full cost control for their equipment. It includes an individual maintenance concept for your device and covers all repairs during the contract period. This enables you to maintain high performance of your equipment, avoid unforeseeable costs and reduce downtimes. Your maintenance module is specially designed for your device and your application environment. In the event of maintenance and repair, you do not need to do anything else for the processing: one call is enough and our team will arrange an appointment with you.

Scope of services

  • Maintenance package according to the requirements of your unit
    • Visual inspection of the unit technology and peripherals
    • Unit specific maintenance according to protocol
    • Comprehensive functional check of unit technology and parameters  
  • Repairs during the contract period
    • Repair time and spare parts
    • Free unbureaucratic management of your repair incidents

Combination of science and technology

" I'm a graduated physics engineer and have been working with mass spectrometers since 2002, first in sales, service and application consulting, and now as a technical lead engineer in service. What makes the work so interesting for me? It's the combination of science and technology that comes with working with mass spectrometers, but most of all it's working with customers from different countries, industries, and cultures around the world."

Ismail Sel, Lead Engineer


Preventive Maintenance

Your units also need some care - after all, they deliver top performance in high throughput. Don't wait until repairs are needed to start servicing your equipment, have it serviced, checked, and cleaned regularly by our authorized and certified experts.

Scope of services

  • Helpdesk and remote support
  • Visual inspection of equipment technology and peripherals
  • Unit-specific maintenance according to maintenance protocol
  • Comprehensive functional check of the equipment technology and parameters
  •  Travel allowance for technical staff

We have an eye on every detail. So you can be sure that your device works flawless.

"Better safe than sorry. Regular maintenance keeps your device in top shape. During preventive maintenance, we subject your device to a thorough check-up and ensure that it works in a technically flawless manner and delivers audit-proof, reproducible measurement results."

Andreas Zeitschel, Senior Specialist Service & Support at Analytik Jena

Reaction Time

Speed matters! And with our "Reaction Time" contract module, you are even faster. If any problem with your device arises, we guarantee that we will solve it within an agreed period of time, or - if further action is required, to be at your site. The procedure is as follows: After your notification, we will contact you to solve your problem remotely. If further action is required, we guarantee that our technical staff will arrive  within the agreed response time and inspect the device. 

Bookable response times are:

  • 48 hours (2 workdays)
  • 72 hours (3 workdays)

Save time and money: With an average first-time fixe rate of more than 90 %, in the vast majority of service cases your equipment is up and running again after 72 or 48 hours.

Application training

Benefit from the expert knowledge of our application team. We provide you with the know-how and methods required for your application, individually tailored to your needs and at your premises. Whether it's training, a refresher course, or a new application: our experts prepare your employees optimally for their tasks.

Scope of services

  • Advice on individual application questions for daily routine and troubleshooting 
  • One application-methodical one-day training in the contract year at your location by arrangement 
  • Training certificate
  • Travel allowance for the trainers

Customised training for you and your staff

"We are scientists and know our devices and their application areas by heart. Our daily work in training and consulting brings us into contact with the application practice of our customers from all over the world. With our expertise and extensive pool of practical experience, we can provide you and your staff with customized training to help you get the most out of your equipment."

Sandra Wunsch, Applikations Specialist  Chemical Analysis


Book the "Calibration" contract module and integrate the mandatory temperature calibration of your thermal cycler into your service concept. We take care of everything else: Our friendly customer service reminds you of your appointment and arranges the deployment of our technician on site. Save time, ensure reproducible measurement results and guideline-compliant work. 

Scope of Services

  • Thorough visual inspection of the unit
  • Cleaning of the unit
  • Temperature calibration
  • Travel expenses of our specialist staff

Conclude service contract

Would you like to design your individual service contract for your device? Our friendly customer service will be happy to support you. Please contact your local sales partner. 



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