96 Plasmid Purification
with the Wizard MagneSil Tfx™ System

Automated plasmid purification with the MagneSil Tfx™ System from Promega

Achieve rapid isolation of transfection-quality plasmid DNA in a high-throughput format. Paramagnetic particles from Promega are the ideal companion for the CyBio FeliX, allowing for walk-away purification without using centrifuges or vacuum manifolds. With ready-to-go protocols in column and 96 format, Analytik Jena and Promega can help you achieve high-throughput plasmid purification.

Benefits of  automating with paramagnetic particles

  • 96 high throughput format

  • Transfection grade & endotoxin free 

  • High purity & yield

  • Custom elution volume & plate  

  • Press play and walk-away

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Plasmid purification on the CyBio FeliX

The Promega Wizard MagneSil Tfx™ System has been optimised for plasmid purification with the CyBio Felix. Bacterial pellets are loading onto the robot, alongside required reagents for extraction. Reagents are sequentially added to purify the plasmid, with the final elution into a new 96 well plate.

Bacteria Lysis

Bacteria pellets in a 96 deep well plate are loaded onto a shaking module at the start of the purification.

A combination of shaking and tip-mixing is used to resuspend and lyse cells, releasing the plasmid into solution.   

FeliX Tip; Culture bacteria in 96-well plates and load directly onto the FeliX!

Paramagnetic bead purification

Paramagnetic beads are resuspended by the CyBio FeliX before addition to the sample. Beads bind the plasmid in solution, before the on-deck gripper transfers the plate to the magnet.

Beads attracted to the magnet can then be safely washed without the risk of losing any plasmid.

A  magnet & gripper means no hands-on time is needed!


Plasmid elution

Once the plasmid has been washed, the desired volume of elution buffer is added to the beads, where gentle shaking is applied to recover all the plasmid.

Plasmids can be eluted to your choice of plate to facilitate your downstream workflow.

FeliX Tip; Elute to a flat bottom plate and quantify your plasmid on a plate reader!

Plasmid yield and purity

Plasmid yield

Achieve a high plasmid yield and jump right into the next steps of your workflow. 

Plasmid purity

Elute high purity plasmid without contamination and directly move to transfection or sequencing workflows as needed.

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