Automated protein purification with Biotage® PhyTip® columns

Achieve rapid purification of native proteins using PhyTip® columns on the CyBio FeliX. Biotage® PhyTip® columns are packed with resin beads with affinity to your protein tag, including histidine, biotin, GST and many more. Up to 96 PhyTips® can be loaded onto the CyBio FeliX, permitting a high-throughput, walk away solution for protein purification.    


Benefits of  automating with PhyTip® columns

  • Rapid 1-96 format

  • Up to 95% recovery  

  • Native purification

  • Walk away automation 

  • Scalable & reproducible

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Protein purification on the CyBio FeliX

PhyTip® columns has been optimised for protein purification with the CyBio FeliX. 1000 µl tips containing 10-160 µl of resin are loaded onto the CyBio FeliX deck, permitting purification of up to 96 proteins in less than 2 hours

Instrument Setup

PhyTip® columns are loaded onto the instrument along with bacterial lysate. Purification buffers are poured into reservoirs and loaded onto the deck. Wash and elution plates are prefilled by the CyBio FeliX into 96 plates before purification takes place, minimizing the hands on time needed.   

Watch our setup video on the CyBio FeliX !

Protein Capture

PhyTip® columns are lowered into the bacterial lysate. Using patented dual flow chromatography, liquid is passed across the packed resin multiple times to enable targeted protein binding by the resin. Successive pipetting cycles allow even large proteins sufficient time to be captured onto the resin.


Protein Wash and Elution

Once captured, active pipetting immerses resin-bound proteins in wash buffer. This removes contaminants and unwanted proteins. Finally, elution buffer is aspirated into the PhyTip® columns to elute purified proteins into a new plate.

PhyTip® protein purification columns

Select form a wide variety of Biotage PhyTips for Antibody purificaiton, Affinity pull-down purification, Ion Exchange chromatography and Mass spectrometry peptide clean-up. 

Purify proteins your way

With the CyBio FeliX, you can customize your PhyTip® protein purification workflow to suit your needs. Alongside a range of resin packaging and sizes, you can choose to automate anywhere from 1-96 PhyTip® purifications without reprogramming the method.

Elute into the plate of your choice, allowing for a seamless transition into the next stage of your automated workflow. Pre-written methods are provided to automate from lysate to purified protein, with the ability to fine-tune liquid handling parameters. Take ownership of your automated protein purification with PhyTip® columns on the CyBio FeliX.

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