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Comprehensive range of services

Analytik Jena is dedicated to outstanding customer service and support. In addition to device installation and reviewing the analytical functionality of your device, we offer comprehensive advice, methodology development and targeted training by our application specialists in order to meet your particular analytical requirements. We also provide you with support for device qualification and validation so that you can always be on the safe side with regard to compliance with standards and regulations. Our global service network guarantees you a direct contact person and rapid responses at all times. We are always happy to help.


Let us find the perfect solution for you

With us, you are in the right place when it comes to procurement of instrumental analytical measuring technology. Our application specialists and sales advisors are scientifically trained and understand the needs of our users. Regardless of whether routine or special applications are concerned, they are always there by your side to provide you with the best possible application-oriented advice. They work together with you to analyze your application tasks, keep your budget in view, and find the optimal solution so that you save valuable time, minimize costs, and are fully satisfied with the result.

Modular Service Contracts

The Service Contract That's a Perfect Fit Design your own service contract!

You can configure your device according to your needs. Why not your service contract, too? With our contract modules, you can select what suits your business and pay only what you need. No rigid structures, no expenses for unnecessary services. Maintain maximum flexibility while enjoying best customer care. For service contract is as individual as your business. 

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We provide more than a device

For your successful start

To make sure you can get off to an optimal start, numerous extras are included in the scope of delivery. The logbook contains all key documents: illustrated lists of consumables, guidelines for preventative maintenance, applications and methods, general fundamentals of equipment technology, delivery documents, protocols for installation and final acceptance, quality certificates, documents on reviewing device functions. The “Installation Start-up Package” contains all of the materials and connectors you need for a successful start. This is standard for us, and is included as a matter of course.

Methodology packages support your work 

We provide you with the perfect assistance for getting started. The software package for your analysis system contains instructions for work in practice. There you can find a wide selection of ready-made methods for your applications. You can also work together with our application specialists to develop your own methods step by step, perfectly tailored to your requirements.

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Install. Instruct. Start.

No installation without comprehensive instruction

We deliver your analytical instrument, and also install it for you as a matter of course. Then, our employees not only comprehensively instruct you on the devices functions, but also configure your system so that you can begin working with it immediately. You will also be provided with information on maintenance work; on request, we will also advise you on application questions so that you can use your device as effectively and efficiently as possible in the future.

Recommissioning – we support you

Relocating? From one floor to another, or even to a different location? No problem! We are happy to provide active assistance. We inspect device functions, and then set the system up for you again.

Maintenance secures your quality standards

In order to ensure stable measurement results in the long term and high sample throughput, regular inspection and maintenance of analytical instruments is indispensable. Our services match your needs perfectly. We provide maintenance packages that are specifically tailored for your situation. The choice of services is up to you!

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Knowledge ensures success and quality

Our experts provide you with the knowledge and expertise that you need for your work. We help you and your employees to get the most out of our devices. This serves to keep the quality of your analysis results constant, increase your process volumes, and reduce your operating costs. Classes, seminars, and training pay off!

Optimally informed and thoroughly documented

The specialized knowledge of our employees combined with years of experience in error analysis guarantee reliable and rapid on-site diagnosis. As a matter of course, we document everything carefully and thoroughly so that you can understand the process step by step. Benefit from our comprehensive application knowledge: Comprehensive knowledge tools – tutorials, web seminars, applications manuals, publications, and brochures – are available to you through our resource center. 

Knowledge Center


Increase your efficiency with professional development and training

Individualized training for intensive learning

We are happy to put together individualized training courses for you – at our application and training centers or on site with you, for one person or multiple employees at the same time.

Professional development tailored to your requirements

Our comprehensive range offers the perfect professional development options for every user. The goal is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge on the operation of equipment and software. In addition, our specialists also address individual questions. Furthermore, these events are also an outstanding opportunity for exchange with other users. Depending on the level of knowledge, we offer:

  • Basic and advanced courses
  • Practical seminars
  • Application training courses
  • Individual training courses
  • Software trainings

Reliability, speed, personal committment

Comprehensive service network for fast and reliable support

During a service case, every minute counts! Our comprehensive service network allows you to benefit from quick reaction times and rapid solutions. Whether repairs, replacement parts, or consumables are concerned, our service personnel will respond to your request within 24 hours. We are constantly working to expand our service network so that we can ensure that you are satisfied and remain so in the future.

No downtime thanks to prompt delivery

Thanks to intelligent logistics and cutting-edge warehouse technology, we are able to rapidly deliver urgently needed replacement parts and consumables.

Our expertise and our personal dedication are your success

Personality, specialist knowledge, teamwork – these are the things that set our employees apart. Ongoing professional development leads to a high level of commitment and contributes towards ensuring that every employee does their best every day. You can count on our specialists: Regular training for application chemists and technicians is the foundation for providing you with rapid and competent support. This also includes education and certification in accordance with industry-specific requirements (such as GLP). The high standards of quality we set for ourselves are officially documented. Analytik Jena is certified under ISO 9001.

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