Total Organic Carbon and Total Bound Nitrogen Analysis by Catalytic High Temperature Combustion (TOC/TNb)

High-temperature catalytic combustion is the method of choice for analyzing both TOC and TNb. The advantage of this method is the complete oxidation of all organic carbon compounds, including those in a particle bound state. Discover the multi N/C 2300 series, our compact specialists for high-matrix samples and small sample volumes, and the efficient all-rounders of our multi N/C 3300 series, specifically designed for high throughput applications.

Devices with direct and flow injection technology

Our TOC/TNb analyzers with high-temperature catalytic combustion are defined by their intelligent injection and rinsing technology. They are hard-wearing and long-lasting, even when handling challenging samples. The multi N/C 2300 analyzers enable excellent particle handling thanks to the facility to inject directly from the microliter syringe without any sample carryover, even for extremely high-matrix samples. Equally, it is possible to precisely dose small volumes of particularly valuable samples. The devices in the multi N/C 3300 series have an impressively broad application range and automatic sample dilution. Their flow injection technology particularly excels when handling high sample throughput in NPOC mode and offers high sensitivity.