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From the initial product idea to the sales pitch – if you know a lot and have a wealth of experience, you are not looking for “just any job.” At Analytik Jena, you will find an innovative environment and an interdisciplinary expert culture.

As an experienced specialist or manager, you can do your part to strengthen the market leadership of a global supplier of analytical measuring technology. Together, we continuously further develop our products and services, which are trusted by customers in more than 120 countries.

Analytik Jena’s ongoing growth is the result of people who are dedicated and contribute their ideas and expertise to our company – people like you.

What our employees say

"Halfway around the world once a day"

"It’s the diversity and variation that make my job so special. I virtually travel halfway around the world on a daily basis to process orders, speaking, for example, with our international colleagues and distributors in Thailand or Japan."

Nadine Neugardt, Specialist Order Handling

What we offer you

Professional development

We have discovered that the professional development of our employees is a key success factor for us as a company, because only motivated, competent employees can satisfy our customers over the long term. With external training courses, individual performance reviews, new responsibilities, and leadership programs, at Analytik Jena you will find a varied range of development opportunities tailored to your needs, which in turn allows us to provide our customers with the ideal partners. 

High performance products

Analytik Jena’s analysis systems represent unrivaled innovation and quality. Our experience in developing high-performance measurement technology goes all the way back to the inventions of Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe. We develop efficient solutions for major analytical and diagnostic issues of our time and support users in all phases of analysis as a capable solution provider.

Work life balance

We want our employees to enjoy working for us and feel at home. Our employment models effectively cater to the different stages of life and individual needs. We offer our employees flexible conditions to help them balance their career and private life.


Team spirit

Team spirit and a good working environment are part of our identity. At Analytik Jena, we believe that the collective "we" is always bigger than the individual "I." We think beyond department borders, inspired by Henry Ford: "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

Creative leeway

We embrace a value-oriented management culture and place our trust in our employees, giving them responsibility and providing creative leeway. We encourage them and give them the freedom to make their own decisions and learn from mistakes.


As a global company, we offer our employees a range of opportunities to gather experience abroad and make a contribution – for instance, in global projects or assignments at one of our sites around the world.

We would like to meet you! If you are interested, now is your chance to impress us! We look forward to getting to know you.

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