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Phone: +49 3641 77 70

Address: Analytik Jena GmbH+Co. KG, Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1, 07745 Jena / Germany


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Phone: +49 3641 77 7444


  • Product inquiries
  • Specific questions about products
  • Product availability


  • Product orders

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Phone: +49 3641 77 7407


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Application & Technical Support

  • Device repair
  • Devices and possible applications
  • Technical inquiry
  • Reclamation

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Order Handling Service & Support

  • Reclamation consumables / spare parts
  • Questions about invoices / invoice reminders
  • Delivery inquiries / wrong or defect deliveries
  • Workshop certificate

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General Service

  • Inquiries for service and support contracts
  • Theme processing time
  • Feedback
  • Others

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Product Registration

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Human Resources

Phone: +49 3641 77 9163

  • Open vacancies
  • Information about Analytik Jena as an employer
  • How to apply for a job?
  • Application process and status

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Press Contact

Phone: +49 3641 77 7357


  • Information about press releases
  • Brand information
  • Media inquiries

Press and Media Pool


Phone: +49 3641 77 7355


  • Questions about our events
  • Informations about fairs
  • Where will we exhibit?


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Phone: +49 3641 77 9741


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