Automate your qPCR setup with the CyBio FeliX

The high sensitivity and specificity of Real time PCR (qPCR) makes it the gold standard for nucleic acid detection. The technique is dependent upon precise pipetting to avoid sample variability and cross contamination. Samples are often processed in triplicate, generally making it a significant hands-on application for experienced biologists.

High-throughput qPCR workflows are ideally suited for automation. The CyBio FeliX boasts high accuracy, precision, and walk-away capability, essential for reliable qPCR performance. In addition, the removal of hands-on time eliminates user error and frees up precious operator time. 

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Benefits of automating with the CyBio FeliX 

  • Enhanced reproducibility

  • Maximise accuracy and precision

  • Eliminate error 

  • Minimize hands on time 

  • Quick and easy to setup

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Designing your qPCR workflow

The flexibility of the CyBio FeliX allows you to tailor your qPCR setup to satisfy your specific requirements. Automate the steps which matter the most to you.

You can choose to generate master mixes directly from microfuge tubes and/or standard SBS plates. From there, distribute your master mixes to any qPCR compatible plate. Automate on-deck serial dilution of samples pre-amplification, with options for normalization and re-arraying available. Finally, combine your samples with master mix in multi-channel formats, with the option to prepare multiple plates for qPCR simultaneously as needed.

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      Choose to automate any of the following 

  • Master mix generation     
  • Sample dilution   
  • Master mix transfer     
  • Sample transfer

How to automate your qPCR on the CyBio FeliX

Multiple sources of variability exist in automating sensitive applications such as PCR or qPCR. The CyBio FeliX provides a range of liquid handling techniques to eliminate variation, regardless of sample inputs or plate types. Some of these steps are highlighted below.

Generating Master mixes

With a volume range of 0.5 to 1000 µl, the Choice pipetting head can handle any of your PCR reagents. By preparing master mixes directly on the deck, you can generate identical master mixes day after day, and ensure your data looks great.

A popular choice is to supply these reagents in microfuge tubes directly to FeliX, with on-deck cooling options available. 

FeliX Tip; Let the FeliX calculate how much reagent you need for each run !

Master mix Transfer

The CyBio FeliX is ideal for transferring your master mixes directly to the qPCR plate of your choice. Pick up a single tip if your master mix is in a microfuge tube, or use an 8/12 channel adapter if its in a column or row. 

FeliX Tip: Aspirate a large volume and reverse pipette your MM for a quick and accurate setup !


Sample Transfer

Transfer as little as 0.5 µl of your nucleic acid sample directly to you desired qPCR plate. Multi-channel formats allow you to transfer samples 8, 96 and 384 wells at a time. Dynamically change how many samples you want to transfer per run, and pool from multiple plates when needed.

FeliX Tip; Let the FeliX pre-mix your samples to ensure homogenesis DNA transfer

Take control of your automation

Benefit from the flexibility of the CyBio FeliX and design workflows that are suited to your particular needs. Setup qPCR reactions using any standard qPCR plate , and scale your automated setup to satisfy your throughput. 

Our intuitive Application Studio software allows users to update their qPCR application on the fly. Possible parameters to change at method initialization include:

  • Reagent volumes

  • Master mix composition

  • Sample output range

       And much more !

FeliX meets qTOWER³ auto

Boost throughput with qTOWER3 auto & CyBio Carry

The CyBio Carry links automated devices together intergrating them into one seemless workflow. Labware prepared on the CyBio FeliX can be transfered to the qTOWER3 auto when ready for analysis. 

Benefit from end-to-end automation 

  • Increase your throughput 

  • Reduce hands on time

  • Enhance walk-away capability 

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