clinPAL for ICP-MS
Automated handling and preparation of clinical samples

Automation that has your back

The handling and preparation of clinical samples – a time-consuming task that requires a high degree of concentration and forms the basis for valid analyses. With clinPAL, Analytik Jena presents the first fully automated solution to ease the workflow for testing human samples such as plasma, serum, whole blood, and urine with ICP-MS.

Experience the answer to optimal laboratory utilization and benefit from automation that provides a reproducible, accurate analysis with minimized sources of error. As manual preparation steps are no longer necessary the new “Pal” in the lab saves time, money, and space. 

Conduct your automated sample preparation and handling adapted to your requirements with individual sample throughput and small sample volumes. While clinPAL works independently, you can literally turn your back on the device and rely on efficient automation. 

Perfectly equipped Discover the innovative clinPAL features that you no longer want to be without in your clinical lab:

clinPAL and PlasmaQuant MS – The perfect duo for clinical samples

clinPAL and PlasmaQuant MS – two devices that have found each other to redefine the workflow of analyzing clinical samples. Due to simultaneous work steps waiting times are reduced to a minimum. Another aspect that illustrates the ease of use is the selection of predefined workflows. Furthermore, all information is processed in one software ensuring an automatic sample recognition. This is what teamwork in the lab looks like.

Sit back and let clinPAL take care of your samples


clinPAL for ICP-MS

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clinPAL für ICP-MS

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Technical Data clinPAL (EN)

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