multi X 2500 The Allrounder for Environmental Monitoring

  • Broad range of applications – AOX, EOX, POX, TX/TOX, TOC sum parameters
  • Both, vertical and horizontal sample feeding in one system
  • High sample throughput and accurate measurement
  • Low operating costs and maintenance effort

The multi X 2500 is a multi-talent in sum parameter analysis to be applied in many areas, from AOX/TOX, EOX, and POX monitoring in wastewater, sludge, and soil, TOC – important for wastewater analysis, to the determination of TX/TOX contents in challenging organic matrices. Benefit from a simple operation, unique application flexibility, and a high degree of automation. This directly results in reliable results and maximum sample throughput at minimal effort.

Optimal Adjustment for Each Sample Matrix

The innovative double furnace technology with tilting furnace combines the advantages of both, the vertical and horizontal sample feed and combustion, in one analysis system. A design that sets standards.

  • Easy handling
  • Plug-and-start technology
  • Significantly reduced maintenance work
  • High sample throughput in the vertical and horizontal mode
  • Double furnace − optimum adaptation to each sample matrix
  • Cooled titration cell − patented wide-range coulometer for comfortable analysis and long-term stable performance
  • Speed load − highly efficient sample preparation systems enabling 24/7 operation
  • Flame sensor − matrix-optimized quantitative combustion even for unknown samples

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Environmental Analysis Made Easy

In environmental monitoring as well as in process and quality control, the determination of organically bound halogens which can be adsorbed on activated carbon is very important for the evaluation of water and wastewater quality. With the multi X 2500, Analytik Jena provides a flexible, future-oriented system for analysis of halogen sum parameters that meets the requirements of every laboratory. multi X 2500 is the answer to permanently increasing costs and a growing number of samples. Developed as a particularly efficient and low-maintenance AOX analyzer with extremely low operational costs, multi X 2500 provides you with reliability, true flexibility, precision, and unbelivable ease of use. Straightforward operation, rapid operational readiness, and a minimum maintenance effort are only a few of the many advantages the multi X 2500 has to offer. The intelligent multiWin software, the fast changeover between column and batch method, and the user-friendly design ensure outstanding ease of use and efficiency.

Sophisticated automatic sampling systems allow in combination with our versatile sample preparation systems of the APU and AFU series both, fully and partially automated AOX analysis. Perfectly harmonized concepts of sample preparation and analysis. Remain flexible and cost-effective with a system that greatly minimizes idle time and increases the throughput of AOX samples. The innovative double furnace technology with tilting furnace combines the advantages of vertical and horizontal combustion in one analysis system. A design that sets standards. Whether ultra-fast AOX routine analysis in the vertical operation mode or reliable determination of the smallest EOX trace in the horizontal operation mode, double furnace technology allows you to freely select the best combustion mode for your application.


Chemical & Materials

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  • Bestimmung des AOX in Abwasserproben mittels Säulenmethode gemäß DIN EN ISO 9562 (DE)

    Open application

  • Determination of AOX in Wastewater Samples by Column Method According to DIN EN ISO 9562 (EN)

    Open application


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  • Bestimmung von adsorbierbaren organisch gebundenen Halogenen in stark salzhaltigen Wasserproben nach Festphasenextraktion (DE)

    Open application

  • Linearity Test According to DIN EN ISO 9562 (Column Method) (EN)

    Open application

  • Determination of AOX in Sewage Sludge Samples by Batch Method According to EN 16166 (EN)

    Open application

  • Bestimmung des Parameters AOX in Klärschlamm mittels Schüttelmethode gemäß EN 16166 (DE)

    Open application

  • Bestimmung des AOX in Abwasserproben mittels Säulenmethode gemäß DIN EN ISO 9562 (DE)

    Open application

  • Linearitätstest für die AOX-Bestimmung nach DIN EN ISO 9562 (Säulenmethode) (DE)

    Open application

  • Determination of Adsorbable Organic Halogens in Highly Saline Water Samples after Solid Phase Extraction (EN)

    Open application

  • Determination of AOX in Wastewater Samples by Column Method According to DIN EN ISO 9562 (EN)

    Open application

  • Probenvorbereitung für die Bestimmung des AOF in Wässern nach E DIN 38409-59 (DE)

    Open application

  • Sample Preparation for the Determination of AOF in Water Samples According to E DIN 38409-59 (EN)

    Open application

  • Determination of EOX in Waste and Soil Samples According to DIN 38414-17 and EPA 9023 (EN)

    Open application

  • EOX-Bestimmung in Abfall- und Bodenproben nach DIN 38414-17 und EPA 9023 (DE)

    Open application

  • Chlorbestimmung in Altöl (DE)

    Open application

  • Determination of Total Halogens in Used Oil (EN)

    Open application

Oil & Gas

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  • Bestimmung des AOX in Abwasserproben mittels Säulenmethode gemäß DIN EN ISO 9562 (DE)

    Open application

  • Determination of AOX in Wastewater Samples by Column Method According to DIN EN ISO 9562 (EN)

    Open application

Technical Data


Limit of Detection

Measurement Range

Gas supply

Digestion Mode


Min. measurement time

Sample Supply


Injection Volume


Dimension (width x depth x height)

multi X 2500

AOX, SPE-AOX, EOX, POX, TOX, TX, TOC, TIC, TC (accessories required) Cl: 10 ng
TOC: 200 µg/L
Cl: 0 - 1000 µg
TOC: 0 - 10000 mg/L
Oxygen 4.5 and Argon 4.6 High-temperature combustion (AOX: oxygen only), (EOX/TX: oxygen/argon) AOX acc. batch method, AOX acc. column method 8 min vertical and horizontal, manual or automated (accessories required) Cl: coulometric titration C: NDIR 1 - 100 µL at > 5 µg Cl, RSD better 2% at >10 mg/L TOC, RSD better 2% % 810 mm x 460 mm x 550 mm

Order Information

Order number


450-126.430 multi X 2500 AOX/TOX, EOX, POX analyzer

Optimal Adaptation to Any Sample Matrix


After the start, the multi X 2500 independently tests all components and functions. For installed sampling systems,the active configuration is determined and automatically transferred into the multiWin software configuration. multi X 2500 independently adjusts all settings.

Double Furnace Technology

The unique double furnace technology enables the fast changeover between vertical and horizontal applications in a single instrument. That means fast and optimal adjustment for each sample matrix and analysis standard. As an essential component of uniquely flexible operation, the double furnace technology is standard equipment of each multi X 2500.

Advantages of the vertical sample feed

  • Especially well-suited for AOX analysis using the batch and column method
  • Optimal for the AOX direct feed of enriched activated carbon without column (high throughput operation)
  • Fast analysis at small footprint
  • Also suited for EOX, POX, and TOC determination

Advantages of the horizontal sample feed

  • Especially well-suited for the EOX determination of extracts with a high quantity of resinous components
  • Suited for the AOX determination using the column and batch method
  • Suited for the determination of chlorine in solids and liquids, for example in derived fuels and used oil
  • Time- and matrix-optimized combustion process
  • Flame sensor technology effectively prevents the formation of soot with difficult samples

Self Check System (SCS)

To ensure trouble-free and fully automated operation, each multi X 2500 is equipped with the SCS. It continuously checks and if necessary adapts all parameters that are important for instrument safety and the quality of the analyses. The result: impressive performance and perfect measurement results.

  • Maximum operational safety with minimal operating effort
  • Best suited for 24/7 operation in contract analysis
  • Timesaving, automatic identification and conditioning of all modules
  • Monitoring of maintenance intervals
  • Automatic system shutdown in case of system failure

Flame Sensor

Flame Sensor technology for automatic process optimization provides the fastest possible and safe analysis for all organic samples, including EOX extracts. Only one method is required for all matrices of the same state of aggregation! This sensor ensures maximum operational safety and soot-free combustion for even high sample quantities. This generates reliable measurement results with less replicates. Even used oils and polymer waste can be analyzed with ease.


The Auto-Protection effectively prevents the system against damages caused by particles, aerosols and liquids. It features effective cleaning and drying of the reaction gases and monitoring and protection functions for highest analysis safety and minimum maintenance effort and extension of components life. - The integrated heating prevents condensation losses, this ensures ultra-low detection limits.

Flow management system with High Performance gasbox

AOX, EOX or POX – regardless which measuring method you have selected, the maintenance-free, integrated gasbox provides the utmost operational safety and reliable analysis results. It guarantees a stable gas flow for complete combustion, and is automatically regulated by the system. Thanks to the integrated electronic flow sensor, the operator can directly check the system for leaks at any time. Time-consuming and imprecise adjustment and constant visual inspection are redundant.

Highly Sensitive Detection

For precise results, a patented measuring cell guarantees precise analyses, even at high concentrations, overdosing is not possible. The dynamic working range allows reliable analysis of samples with unexpectedly high AOX concentrations. The measuring cell and electrolyte are designed for maximum sample throughput and are adapted for operation with autosamplers. Without any intervention, such as an electrolyte change, the multi X 2500 can easily analyze large sample series with widely varying concentrations.

With the patented detection of the instrument, your laboratory will meet all requirements in AOX analysis. A special wide-range coulometer guarantees a wide dynamic measuring range and allows adaptation to a wide variety of measuring tasks with unique sensitivity. EOX determination in the trace range or high TX contents in secondary fuels - the wide-range coulometer meets all requirements.


Lock for pre-combustion multi X 2500 450-889.664
autoX 36 AOX sampler 450-126.412
autoX 36d AOX sampler with direct feed capability 450-126.408
Turntable for 36 quartz containers 450-126.414
Automatic Boat Drive - ABD without flame sensor technology 450-126.416
autoX 112 sampler 450-126.690
Flame sensor for ABD 450-889.522
Autoinjector - with syringe 450-126.422
Autoinjector - without syringe 450-900.403
Cl upgrade "high concentration" 450-889.503
Cl upgrade "high sensitive" 450-889.502
POX kit 450-889.620
TOC module for multi EA 5000 / multi X 2500 450-126.428
APU 28 Automatic Preparation Unit 450-126.949
APU 28 flexi Automatic Preparation Unit with column flexibility 450-126.977
APU 28 S Automatic Preparation Unit 450-126.951
APU 28 S flexi Automatic Preparation Unit with column flexibility 450-126.976
APU 28 SPE Automatic Preparation Unit 450-126.974
APU 28 SPE flexi Automatic Preparation Unit with column flexibility 450-126.975
APU sim Automatic Preparation Unit 450-900.300
AFU 3 Automatic Filtration Unit 450-126.971
Filling device for activated carbon (20 mg) 402-880.212
Filling device for activated carbon (50 mg) 402-880.114
Lock for pre-combustion multi X 2500 450-126.947
Pushing tool AOX column method 450-889.611
Rack for filling quartz containers 402-880.019
Triplex column holder for 3 quartz container 402-889.616
Upgrade kit Cl "high sensitive" 4-electrode option 450-300.019


multiWin Software

Order number: 450-011.803

The self-explanatory multiWin software accompanies the user through all relevant menu points. multiWin is intuitively structured and thus offers the user a comprehensible and simple handling. The Self Check System - an intelligent combination of hardware components and software functions, guarantees uninterrupted and fully automatic operation of the analyzer and its accessories. It monitors and regulates all important system parameters. It immediately points out errors in the configuration of the system and detects unsuitable parameters, thus avoiding low quality results from the very beginning. The software continuously checks the system’s performance and the quality of analysis. multiWin provides free evaluation of sample data even during running measurements, the automatic selection of the optimum calculation function, the fully automatic set up of calibration curves for special applications, the possibility of individual recalculation of results, as well as the clear display of the measurement results. The implemented maintenance counter and intelligent software feature to trigger life time and performance of relevant components make maintenance more predictive, saving time and effort while preventing system failures. Data and parameters can be conveniently managed and stored, and results can be easily forwarded using automatic or manual data import or export functions, including LIMS import and export of data. For elemental analysis with multi EA 5100 and 4000 series the multiWin software includes an extensive library of more than 100 approved, ready to use and stanadard compliant and special application analysis methods. This significantly simplifies analyses according to standard regulations such as ASTM, EPA, DIN, ISO, and UOP. Preconfigured methods eliminate time-consuming method development and allow for fast, correct measurements independant of operators skills.

Features & Benefits

  • Modern and user-friendly Windows™ based control and data evaluation software,
  • Available as PC version
  • Intuitive user guidance with self-explanatory menu navigation avoids operator mistakes
  • Automatic optimization routines, monitoring and control of all relevant system parameters and functions
  • Multitasking for free evaluation of sample data, even during running measurements
  • Special host option allows to control two different systems with the same PC and software
  • Different user levels, individual user management
  • Easy, quick access menu icons, integrated trainings module, and init-check function enable quick start of operation even for beginners
  • Troubleshooting assistant, on-screen help function, implemented service and maintenance modules
  • Predictive maintenance – automatic monitoring of maintenance intervals
  • Extensive library of ready-made, compliant analysis methods (ASTM, EPA, ISO, etc.) for routine applications and special parameters (e.g. AOX, EC/OC) for multi EA 5100 and 4000 series
  • Comprehensive user-oriented functions like multi-point and multi-range calibration, blank correction, recalculation of results, free choice of results dimensions, statistical functions
  • Implemented system performance checks – AQA and daily factor functions
  • Extensive search, sort and filter functions for methods, calibration and result files
  • Versatile export and import functionalities, LIMS, CSV, manual and fully automated etc.
Product Required Included
multi X 2500 (450-126.430)


450-889.316 Consumables & spare parts kit for horizontal operation (ABD)
402-889.551 ABD coupling tube
402-889.073 Guidance pipe for automatic boat drives type ABD and MVS
402-889.066 Hook for ABD
402-823.042 Manual syringe 100 µL
402-886.236 Sealing for sample port ABD
402-889.560 Set of sealing elements horizontal for boat drives
402-889.039 Adsorption material for boat combustion
702-889.884 Guiadance pipe for ABD
702-889.881 Hook for automatic boat drive ABD-2
402-889.050 Septa, O.D. 12.5 mm
402-950.022 Absorption tube without thread
402-810.025 Activated carbon for AOX batch method
402-810.004 Activated carbon for AOX column method
402-810.031 Adsorbent for Cl determination
402-889.606 AOX combustion tube for multi X 2500
402-889.528 Auto-Protection assembly for AOX
402-880.502 Ball joint adapter KS 13
402-825.123 Beaker for sulfuric acid vessel
402-825.004 Ceramic wool for AOX analysis
402-880.751 Collecting dish AOX
402-880.211 Combination electrode (ceramic)
402-889.614 Connecting hose multi X 2500
402-889.613 Connecting hose multi X 2500
402-815.033 Connecting hose multi X 2500
402-880.507 Connecting hose multi X 2500
402-889.549 Connecting part for gas transfer line
402-815.831 Connection tube for extraction system
402-889.573 Connector sulfuric acid vessel
450-889.321 Consumables & spare parts kit Cl "sensitive" and " high concentration"
450-889.901 Consumables & spare parts kit for AOX analysis horizontal
450-889.554 Consumables & spare parts kit horizontal operation
450-889.604 Consumables set for column method
450-889.605 Extended spare part and consumable set for multi X 2500
402-007.513 FAST connector, angled
402-820.053 Ferrule for connecting part (metal)
402-820.055 Ferrule for screw joint
402-820.057 Ferrule 1/16"
402-520.177 Ferrule set, 1/4"
402-30003 Ferrule set, 1/8" PTFE
402-825.041 Fork clamp KS 13/2 with locking screw
402-825.108 Funnel for sulfuric acid vessel
402-801.317 Fuses - T 10 A
402-889.559 Gas transfer line Cl module
402-815.101 Gasket for lid of coulometer cell, small
402-825.055 Glass stopper NS 14
402-881.203 Glass tube with thread straight, without connectors
402-822.118 Heat protection gloves
402-889.904 High-throughput set auto protection filter
402-889.071 Kit calibration solutions 0.1 - 10 mg/L Chlorine
402-889.166 Kit calibration solutions 10 - 100 mg/L Chlorine
402-889.163 Kit calibration solutions 100 - 500 mg/L Chlorine
402-815.058 Lab-type screw joint GL 14, complete
402-520.136 Luer cone for column head
402-823.049 membrane dryer 24"
402-889.510 Multi purpose combustion tube
402-815.149 O-ring for cell lid
402-815.030 O-ring (3 x 1.5 x 6 mm)
402-889.627 Oxygen lock multi X 2500
402-820.129 Oxygen, Argon gas supply resp. water tubing
402-825.124 Petri dish for sulfuric acid vessel
402-815.035 Polycarbonate membrane filter, set
402-889.665 Pre-combustion adapter for multi X 2500
402-889.667 Pump hose , ready-made
402-880.008 Quartz container, empty
402-889.645 Quartz container, thin-walled, 18 x 8 mm
402-889.596 Quartz crucible for ash trapping
402-889.674 Quartz sample boats 40 x 9 mm
402-889.673 Quartz sample boats with downholder 40 x 9 mm
402-825.044 Quartz wool
402-880.231 Quick-lock coupling for POX module
402-825.093 Reservoir bottle for H2SO4
402-889.507 Safety adapter sulfuric acid vessel
402-815.059 Screw joint GL 14, lab type
402-889.582 Sealing-kit for auto protection systems
402-889.558 Set auto protection filter
402-880.614 Set of 10 disposable tubes for AOF 18 x 6 mm, filled
402-880.605 Set of 10 disposable tubes for AOX 18 x 6 mm, filled
402-880.616 Set of 100 disposable tubes for AOF 18 x 6 mm, filled
402-880.610 Set of 100 disposable tubes for AOX 18 x 6 mm, filled
402-880.615 Set of 300 disposable tubes for AOX 18 x 6 mm, filled
450-VM-AOXSH Set of consumables for batch method
402-889.561 Set replacement hoses for heated gas transfer line
402-815.022 Stirrer bar "sensitive" cell
402-880.213 Stopper for coulometer cell lid
402-889.626 Stopper, small for coulometer cell
402-889.538 Storage vessel for combination electrode
402-889.612 Sulfuric acid vessel (20 mL), vertical
402-950.020 Sulfuric acid vessel (40 mL), vertical
402-889.734 Sulfuric acid vessel for AOX combustion tube
402-889.508 Sulfuric acid vessel with outlet
402-30031 Swagelok screw fitting , 1/4" to 1/8", PTFE
402-889.569 Tubing inside sulfuric acid vessel
402-825.045 Tweezers , straight, truncated


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