ScanDrop² Series Maximum Flexibility in Micro-Volume UV/Vis Spectrophotometry

  • Easy and flexible operation
  • Rapid and precise UV/Vis measurments
  • Scalable sample throughput
  • Stand-alone or PC operation

The ScanDrop2 from Analytik Jena is the second generation of microvolume spectrophotometers, combining flexibility and reliability with innovative technology and modern design all in a single device. As a flexible, easy-to-use platform for measuring small sample volumes starting from 0,3 µL, the ScanDrop2 and its amenable walkaway measuring principle allow users variable scalability in samples either individually or in a series up to 32 sample positions.

ScanDrop2 – Meet a Variety of Demands

  • Precise – UV/Vis absorption measurements between 190 nm to 1000 nm with optimized resolution
  • Powerful – Acquisition of a spectrum within 1.6 s at a high resolution of ≥ 1.5, leveraging fast results
  • Long-lasting – Highly precise optical system combined with a powerful xenon flash lamp
  • Simple – Easy handling just pipette the sample and take your measurement
  • Intelligent – Rotating mechanism opens instrument for optimum access and view of the 10” tablet PC
  • Comfortable – 2D scanning area adaptable to different center heights
  • Versatile – Interchangeable adapters prevent contact between samples and the optical system
  • Compatible – Interchangeable adapters available for microliter measurement cells and standard cuvettes
  • Practical – Walk-away principle applies to everything from individual samples to simple series of samples
  • Reliable – Entirely eliminates evaporation, cross-contamination and sample carryover effects

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Your Flexible Life Science UV/Vis-Spectrophotomer

The ScanDrop2 is a versatile device designed for easy UV/Vis spectrophotometry of micro up to standard sample volume, allowing you to perform fast and consistent measurements. Starting with a fast spectra acquisition performance spanning from 190 up to 1000 nm, ScanDrop2 leverages full spectra recording, within 1.6 seconds and a high resolution of ≥ 1.5. Sample spectra recording in larger sample series can be then considerably reduced, allowing a flexible and rapid operation. This high performance is warranted to our unique spectrometer ensemble:

  • Polychromator system with a symmetric Czerny-Turner design and without movable components, leveraging a long-lasting, robust against external influences
  • Linear CCD detector optimized for the UV/Vis range
  • A powerful and long-lasting Xenon flash lamp
  • Sample scanning mechanism which allows rapid spectra acquisition for multiple micro-and standard volume sample positions


The attractive design and the small device footprint perfectly fits on any laboratory bench. The innovative opening mechanism allows an intuitive position of the cuvettes and in case of the standalone operation a direct view to the operating tablet. Suitable for the determination of protein and nucleic acids concentrations, as well as further Life Science applications, the ScanDrop² allows you to work with very low-volume and highly concentrated solutions, thus saving you large amounts of samples. Analytik Jena provides you with a carefully selection of application modes, adjusting to your needs and requirements to deploy UV/Vis technology in your lab. In addition, the spectrometer design provides uncomplicated access through its adapter changer. Furthermore, the design allows an easy cleaning of any surface.

High precision with the lowest sample contamination

Our disposable CHIPCUVETTE system warranties highest precision for measurements of microvolume samples. The sample position arrangement allows you to select two different pathlengths (1.0 and 0.1 mm) in the same cuvette system and up to 32 sample positions. Disposable CHIPCUVETTE is perfectly suitable for highly sensitive or fast degrading samples, helping you to avoid external contamination.

Flexibility in UV/Vis measurement

Reduce your consumable with the reusable Butterfly Cuvette and take advantage of the 9 sample positions and increase your productivity.

All ScanDrop2 cuvette systems, both for high precision and flexible performance, have a robust design. This allows you to avoid any further calibration of the optical path, upon installation and even after several years of operation. This gives you the advantage of performing consistent UV/Vis measurements without worrying about additional maintenance. Small volume UV/Vis spectrophotometry relies heavily on the sample handling. Thus, the correct sample deposition might be challenging. Analytik Jena provides you with an easy solution, through the use of micro-volume adapters both cuvette systems allow you to prepare your sample in a comfortable manner. In addition to the micro-volume systems, ScanDrop2 allows you to perform conventional UV/Vis measurements using standard cuvettes. For larger sample series, including calibration samples, the spectrometer system is equipped with an 8-fold adapter for standard cuvettes, which allows you a fast acquisition of a measurement series.The combination of micro-volume and standard cuvette systems provide a wide dynamic range, which allows you to operate fromqq diluted up to strongly concentrated sample solution. For example, in the case of dsDNA, ScanDrop2 allows you consistent concentration measurements between a range stretching from 2 up o 7,500 ng/µL. In the case of protein-determination (BSA), the concentration range spans from 0.07 mg/mL up to 148.5 mg/mL. In general, ScanDrop2 allows you to work in a virtual dilution range up to 1:100. This is very convenient, since it minimizes the extra work in sample dilution as well as potential sample losses within this process.


Easy spectrophotometer operation through the suitable software


Spectroscopic data acquisition reaches from easy on-click operation up to configurable method development and scalable sample throughput. Analytik Jena provides two variants adjusting to your space and performance requirements:

  • Standalone system with a built-in 10”tablet and including the FlashSoftPro touch for easy and simple operation
  • ScanDrop2 without tablet and operate through the FlashSoftPro2 via an external computer connected to the spectrometer


The FlashSoftPro2 software is a comprehensive tool specifically design for the ScanDrop2 spectrometer. It enables simple concentration measurements up to extended spectra analysis. It warranties rapid device recognition and initialization, as well as easy and fast operation. Besides standard UV/Vis spectra measurements, the software also includes built-in methods for direct determination of DNA, RNA, protein and oligo nucleotides concentration, as well as measurements according to standard assays such as Bradford and Lowry. In addition, it allows you easily monitor cellular growth in your bacterial culture(s). It also provides you the ability to monitor reactions kinetics by using the corresponding built-in method. Finally if required, you can develop your own method for your specific needs. Besides acquisition, ScanDrop2 helps you graphically evaluate the recorded spectra and export your data set for further processing. ScanDrop2 support various export formats, reaching from conventional graphical plots (as PDF) up to coma-separated values (CSV) or spread-sheet format (xlsx, ods).


The FlashSoftPro touch is design as a lean version of the PC software (FlashSoftPro2), focusing into fast and easy spectrophotometer operation, leveraging consistent result in a single-click through each measurement. It is tailored for rapid Life Science applications allowing you to easily probe the sample absorbance and rapidly determine its concentration and supports rapid applications in routine laboratories. For measurement monitoring the software supports simple spectra display. Data transfer is then enabled through the CSV export and can be easily stored on via USB flash drive.




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  • Detection and Measurement of Mycoplasma bovis: Correlation of Results using ScanDrop² with CHIPCUVETTE and qTOWER³ (EN)

    Open application

Food & Agriculture

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  • SmartExtraction and Photometric Evaluation with ScanDrop² and Butterfly Cuvette for the Detection of Genetically Modified Organsims and Food Pathogens (EN)

    Open application

Pharma & Life Sciences

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  • SmartExtraction and Photometric Evaluation with ScanDrop² and Butterfly Cuvette for the Detection of Genetically Modified Organsims and Food Pathogens (EN)

    Open application

Technical Data

Wavelength range

Wavelength accuracy at 360.9 nm

Stray light at 340 nm (NaNO2)

Wavelength reproducibility at 360.9 nm

Spectral resolution

Photometric accuracy (K2Cr2O7)

Optical design

Dimension (width x depth x height)

Space requirement (width x depth x height)

ScanDrop² (incl. Control unit)

190 - 1000 nm ± 1 nm ≤1 %T ± 0.05 nm ≥ 1.5 (A @ 269 nm / A @ 266 nm) ± 0.015 A Polychromator system with symmetric Czerny-Turner 290 mm x 370 mm x 380 mm

ScanDrop² (without Control unit)

190 - 1000 nm ± 1 nm ≤1 %T ± 0.05 nm ≥ 1.5 (A @ 269 nm / A @ 266 nm) ± 0.015 A Polychromator system with symmetric Czerny-Turner 290 mm x 370 mm x 210 mm 290 mm x 370 mm x 400 mm

For more information about our products and possible variants, please refer to the technical documents or use our contact form.

Order Information

Order number


844-00203-2 ScanDrop² (incl. Control unit)
844-00204-2 ScanDrop² (without Control unit)


Butterfly Cuvette ScanDrop² 844-00220-0
CHIPCUVETTEadapter ScanDrop² 844-00221-0
Pipettierhilfe, 4 CHIPCUVETTEN Pipetting aid for up to 4 CHIPCUVETTE®s 844-70211-0
Standard Cuvette Adapter for ScanDrop² (8-fold) 844-00222-0
Tabletmodul ScanDrop² 844-00223-0


FlashSoft Pro touch

FlashSoft Pro touch (tablet)

  • Lean and quick operation
  • Tailored for rapid photometric measurements in Life Science applications
Product Required Included
ScanDrop² (incl. Control unit) (844-00203-2)

FlashSoft Pro2

FlashSoft Pro2 (PC)

  • Preinstalled methods for easy access and operation
  • Module for the incorporation of user-specific methods
  • Standards-based measurement values are automatically evaluatedComprehensive spectral analysis
Product Required Included
ScanDrop² (without Control unit) (844-00204-2)


844-70200-0 CHIPCUVETTE: combined 0.1 mm and 1.0 mm pathlength, 5 pieces
844-70201-0 CHIPCUVETTE: combined 0.1 mm and 1.0 mm pathlength, 25 pieces
844-70210-0 Validation CHIPCUVETTE


Brochure UV/Vis Spectrophotometry ScanDrop2 (EN)
Broschüre-UV/Vis-Spektrophotometer-ScanDrop2 (DE)
Operating Manual ScanDrop2 (DE)
Operating Manual ScanDrop2 (EN)
TechData ScanDrop² Accessories Specifications (DE)
TechData ScanDrop² Accessories Specifications (EN)
TechData ScanDrop² Dynamic Range (DE)
TechData ScanDrop² Dynamic Range (EN)
TechData ScanDrop² General (DE)
TechData ScanDrop² General (EN)
TechNote ScanDrop2 DNA Determination (EN)
TechNote ScanDrop2 DNA Dilution (EN)
TechNote ScanDrop2 Protein Concentration (EN)

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