PlasmaQuant 9100 Series Reveal the Details That Matter

  • Maximum reliabiltity – unique resolving power with high-resolution optics
  • Convenient functionality – broad applicability and superior analytical performance
  • Flexible observation – optimized plasma observation modes
  • Increased productivity – outstanding plasma robustness

Reveal anything – experience innovative high-end technology and explore the elemental details of your samples for superior product quality, process monitoring and regulation compliance.

Add Clarity, Simplicity, and Confidence to Your Most Delicate Analytical Routines

The unique performance of PlasmaQuant 9100 ICP-OES instruments is a result of all its features combined like the high spectral resolution, the powerful plasma system, the smart torch design and the flexible dual view feature. Especially the interplay of spectral resolution, matrix tolerance and sensitivity opens a tremendous analytical potential for trace element analysis in almost any sample type with particular advantages for high matrix samples. The spectral resolution allows for using the most sensitive emission lines, the matrix tolerance allows for running highly concentrated sample aliquots, even undiluted volatile organics or highly concentrated salt solutions, and the sensitivity provides a high light throughput and ideal signal to background rations.

  • Cost-efficient shift-work operation
  • Flexible plasma observation
  • Interference-free emission lines
  • System readiness within 15 minutes

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Extended Analytical Capabilities and Results You Can Rely On

The PlasmaQuant 9100 ICP-OES series of Analytik Jena offers a multitude of innovative features to provide a powerful analytical tool with the best possible ICP-OES performance and a broad applicability from routine analyses to highly complex analytical tasks. The PlasmaQuant 9100 ICP-OES series consists of two models, the PlasmaQuant 9100 routine allrounder and the PlasmaQuant 9100 Elite high-performance ICP-OESIt comprises four main features alongside a multitude of tuning possibilities and features to provide the full suite of analytical possibilities.

The main features are:

  • V Shuttle torch, which offers a long lifetime of torch components, minimizes maintenance and reduces wash-out and sample deposition related issues
  • High frequency generator, which provides a plasma of extraordinary robustness to run any sample type with minimum efforts and maximum emission yields
  • Dual View Plus plasma observation modes to increase the instruments working range to a maximum, minimize sample preparation efforts and allow for efficient measurements
  • High-resolution optical system to provide interference-free analysis in any kind of sample matrix with highly reliable data quality.

PlasmaQuant 9100

With a clear emphasis on broad applicability, simplicity and cost-effectiveness in general applications, the PlasmaQuant 9100 is not just another ICP-OES. With high-performance features, it allows for more matrix tolerance, a wide working range and high measurement sensitivity. It provides high-quality results in contract analysis, reliability in quality control and the highest standards in regulated industries. Whether aiming for on-off measurements, method flexibility in shift-operation or continuous aspiration of challenging samples, the PlasmaQuant 9100 is your instrument of choice.

PlasmaQuant 9100 Elite

High spectral resolution: the extra that makes the difference in ICP-OES. The PlasmaQuant 9100 Elite uncovers spectral details like no other ICP-OES. Removing common spectral interferences minimizes compromises in line selection and allows the use of highly sensitive emission lines for every application. In combination with its matrix tolerance and superior sensitivity, this enables previously unconceived analytical potential with superior precision, accuracy and detection limits in any sample type. The PlasmaQuant 9100 Elite is the number one choice for spectral resolution, sensitivity and the ideal solution for your most delicate analytical routines.

The configuration of the PlasmaQuant 9100 instruments can be tailored to the specific needs of each application. A range of accessories and upgrade options provide a high level of application flexibility, easy sample handling, and high throughput. Application-specific sample introduction kits for the analysis of low-matrix sample types, saline or metal samples with high matrix content, hydrofluoric acid containing samples or organic samples are available. A variety of compatible autosamplers allows the automation of the sample analysis and minimizes the hands-on-time for operators. There is a range of autosamplers that can be configured, from standard autosamplers for aqueous solutions via samplers for organic samples of different viscosity to automatic dilution stations to maximize the automation of the laboratory workflow. Additionally, autosamplers can be complemented by rapid sample introduction systems to increase sample throughput and the profitability of the ICP-OES system. The PlasmaQuant 9100 is always ready. Fast system warm-up and a self-aligning spectrometer by using an internal Neon correction guarantee system availability within a few minutes and therefore enables a highly economic instrument utilization.

The ability to run complex and concentrated samples, resolve severe spectral interferences, detect trace and ultra-trace concentrations and work across a wide concentration range make the PlasmaQuant 9100 the ideal tool for industrial QC and R&D labs as well as contract and state authority labs with challenging sample types and stringent quality requirements. Clients from various industries, e.g. oil & gas, metals & mining and chemicals trust in its performance and stability. The PlasmaQuant 9100 guarantees the competitive advantage of your lab in terms of extended analytical capabilities, analysis quality and cost-effectiveness


PlasmaQuant 9100 Cost-effective analysis for contract and QC labs

Cost-effective analysis without compromises

Order number: 818-09100-2

PlasmaQuant 9100 Elite High resolution ICP-OES

High spectral resolution for challenging applications

Order number: 818-09101-2


Geology, Mining & Metals

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  • Analysis of Rare Earth Elements by ICP-OES and ICP-MS − Potentials and Limitations (EN)

    Open application

  • Determination of Trace Elements and Main Components in Permanent Magnet Alloys by HR Array ICP-OES (EN)

    Open application

  • Analysis of Rare Earth Elements in Granite and Sandstone by HR ICP-OES (EN)

    Open application

  • Analysis of High-alloyed Steel by HR ICP-OES (EN)

    Open application

Pharma & Life Sciences

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  • Determination of Elemental Impurities in Antibiotics according to USP 232 and 233 by HR ICP-OES (EN)

    Open application

  • Quantitative Analysis of Cannabis and Hemp with HR ICP-OES (EN)

    Open application

  • Determination of Elemental Impurities in Sorbitol as Pharmaceutical Excipient (EN)

    Open application

  • Determination of Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceuticals by HR-ICP-OES according to ICH Q3D and USP 232 and 233 (EN)

    Open application


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Oil & Gas

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  • Analyse von Spurenelementen zur Spezifikation von Benzin mittels HR ICP-OES (DE)

    Open application

  • Analyse von Spurenmetallen in Wasser-Methanol-Öl-Gemischen mittels HR ICP-OES (DE)

    Open application

  • Analysis of Elemental Impurities in Diesel by HR ICP-OES According to ASTM D7111-16 (EN)

    Open application

  • Specification Analysis of Gasoline by HR ICP-OES (EN)

    Open application

  • Analyse von Spurenelementen zur Spezifikation von Benzin mittels HR ICP-OES (DE)

    Open application

Food & Agriculture

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  • Determination of Trace Elements and Mineral Contents in Edible Oils and Fats by HR ICP-OES (EN)

    Open application

  • Bestimmung von Spurenelementen und Mineralien in Speiseölen und -fetten mit HR ICP-OES (DE)

    Open application

  • Détermination des oligo-éléments et de la teneur en minéraux des huiles et graisses comestibles par HR ICP-OES (FR)

    Open application

  • Monitoring Drinking Water Quality With HR ICP-OES (EN)

    Open application

  • Quantitative Analysis of Cannabis and Hemp with HR ICP-OES (EN)

    Open application

  • Direct Analysis of Beer by HR ICP-OES (EN)

    Open application

  • Impurities Analysis in Sunflower Oil by HR ICP-OES (EN)

    Open application

Chemical & Materials

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Power & Energy

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  • Trace Metals Analysis in Water-Methanol-Oil Mixtures by HR ICP-OES (EN)

    Open application

Technical Data

Dimension (width x depth x height)

PlasmaQuant 9100 Cost-effective analysis for contract and QC labs

990 mm x 855 mm x 940 mm

PlasmaQuant 9100 Elite High resolution ICP-OES

990 mm x 855 mm x 940 mm

Order Information

Order number


818-09100-2 PlasmaQuant 9100 Cost-effective analysis without compromises for contract and QC labs
818-09101-2 PlasmaQuant 9100 Elite High resolution ICP-OES

Innovative Solutions – Setting New Standards in the Analytical Performance of ICP-OES

High-resolution optics, high sensitivity, high confidence in results

The unique resolving power of the high-resolution optics guarantees unmatched sensitivity, accuracy and precision in real sample matrices. This well-established encapsulated echelle spectrometer utilizes a double monochromator set-up along with the latest high-resolution CCD detector and enables access to any emission line in the spectral window of 160 to 900 nm. With a spectral resolution of 2 pm @ 200 nm, even severe interferences in challenging samples can be resolved. Select the best emission line for your analytical task from over 43,000 lines and reveal the details of your samples. The availability of interference-free emission lines with high sensitivity allows for robust trace element analysis and highest confidence in results. Internal neon correction ensures a wavelength accuracy of less than 0.4 pm without laborious calibration procedures and allows for a system readiness within 15 minutes.

  • High flexibility through the largest selection of emissions lines
  • Superior accuracy thanks to interference-free analysis
  • Powerful detectability of trace elements in real samples
  • Fast measurement readiness

Intuitive handling – V Shuttle Torch

The convenient plug-and-play design of the fully demountable V Shuttle Torch simplifies maintenance and minimizes torch handling needs. Individually interchangeable torch components allow for maximum methodological flexibility while reducing the cost of consumables. All torch gases are automatically connected when the shuttle locks into a rail guide, on which it easily slides into the sampling position. This setup allows the torch to be mounted quickly with no need for alignment and increases the availability of the instrument. The vertical plasma orientation allows highly concentrated sample aliquots to be run and provides increased accuracy, minimizes blank values, and allows a wide range of samples to be analyzed without wet chemical pre-treatment. Excellent long-term plasma performance without clogging and soot formation is a reality, even for the most challenging samples.

  • Less torch handling and increased instrument up-time
  • Broad applicability and superior analytical performance
  • Cost-efficient operation
  • Torch mounting process with no need for alignment

Flexible plasma observation – Dual View PLUS

The analysis of trace elements and major constituents requires different plasma observation modes and the flexibility to apply any mode, radial and axial, to any emission line in a single method. Dual View PLUS enables the free selection of 2+2 plasma views in every sample for synchronous analysis of contents ranging from sub-ppb to high weight percent. The availability of automatic attenuators in any observation mode allow for the widest possible working range in ICP-OES. Spectral interferences from the cold plasma tail are eliminated thanks to the latest argon-neutral counter-gas technology that neither disrupts the stability of the vertical plasma nor reduces the length of its analytical zone. Dual View PLUS allows for robust trace element analysis with unique sensitivity and increased productivity due to minimal sample preparation efforts across all applications.

  • Optimized plasma observation modes without compromises
  • Argon-neutral counter gas for unique sensitivity
  • Detection from sub-ppb to percentage range in one run
  • Minimal need for sample preparation

Exceed the limit with the high-frequency generator

Reliable and stable plasma performance in any sample matrix remains a challenge in ICP-OES. The high-frequency generator of the PlasmaQuant 9100 is designed to run any sample, including the direct analysis of extreme matrices. In addition to a significant extension of the application range, method robustness, precision and productivity are also enhanced by lower matrix specific detection limits and reduced sample preparation needs. Utilizing a heavy-duty four-winding induction coil, the free-running 40 MHz power tube generator readily transfers power ranging from 700 to 1700 W with the highest efficiency into plasma of exceptional length. Its unique high-power settings with instant RF power output matching, required for industrial routine analysis of materials like brines, metal concentrates and volatile organics make plasma collapse a relic of the past. Due to its fast warm-up, the plasma is stable within minutes and allows for cost-efficient shift-work operation.

  • Outstanding plasma robustness for analyzing any sample matrix
  • Superior accuracy and precision by running undiluted samples
  • Maximum application flexibility
  • Lowest matrix-specific detection limits


HF KIT for PlasmaQuant PQ 9000 and PlasmaQuant 9100 series *

Order number: 810-88007-0

ORGANIC KIT for PlasmaQuant PQ 9000 and PlasmaQuant 9100 series *

Order number: 810-88008-0

SALT KIT for PlasmaQuant PQ 9000 and PlasmaQuant 9100 series *

Order number: 810-88009-0

STANDARD KIT for PlasmaQuant PQ 9000 and PlasmaQuant 9100 series *

Order number: 810-88006-0

Water-air-chiller (Labtech) for ICP-OES and ICP-MS

Order number: 810-88001-0

Teledyne Cetac Oils 7400

The Oils 7400 allows for the automatic sampling of oils and coolants. It features a stirring functionality, dual port rinse station and has a regular capacity of 250 positions.

Order number: 810-88122-0

Teledyne Cetac SimPrep with ASX-560 Autosampler

The SimPrep liquid handling station allows automated sample dilution up to 1:2500, fully automated preparation of calibration standards and is suitable for many techniques (e.g. AA, ICP-OES, ICP-MS).

Order number: 810-88019-0

Teledyne Cetac SDXHPLD with ASX-560 Autosampler

Order number: 810-88123-0

Hydride system HS PQ for PlasmaQuant 9x00 series

Order number: 810-88030-0

Hydride system HS Pro PQ for PlasmaQuant 9x00 series

Order number: 810-88032-0

IsoMist XR temperature controlled spray chamber

Order number: 810-88038-0

Argon humidifier with bypass for PlasmaQuant 9x00 series

Order number: 810-88033-0

Cetac ASXPress Plus (aq) 6-port valve for aqueous samples

Order number: 810-88120-0

Cetac ASXPress Plus (oil) 6-port valve for oil samples

Order number: 810-88121-0

Water-Water-Chiller (vdH) for ICP-OES and ICP-MS

Order number: 810-88036-0

Ultrasonic nebulizer U5000AT+ for ICP-OES and ICP-MS

Order number: 810-88004-0

Bench for ICP/AAS for AAS, ICP-OES and ICP-MS instrumentation

Order number: 810-88005-0

Exhaust hose ICP-OES for PlasmaQuant 9x00 series

Order number: 810-88109-0

Extraction Kit ICP-OES

Order number: 810-88115-0

* necessary to operate


Software ASpect PQ

The Aspect PQ software controls, monitors and documents all of the processes of the entire PlasmaQuant 9100 system. Its modular design offers you the flexibility to work with preset routine methods, as well as the flexibility to develop customized methods. Online status updates for remote devices like smart phones, or tablets increase the productivity of unattended operations. Powerful and automated data evaluation tools such as an automatic baseline correction algorithm (ABC) and a tool for the correction of spectral interferences (CSI) greatly enhance ease-of-use for operators, eliminate the need for guesswork in data evaluation and significantly boost the productivity of your analytics. Thanks to a clear-cut, multilingual user interface, you can quickly generate methods geared to each matrix by selecting the elements to be determined and the preferred emission lines. All pre-installed method parameters are loaded automatically and can be easily modified.

  • Powerful optimization, evaluation, and post-calculation routines
  • Compliant with 21 CFR Part11 and FDA module with user management
  • Innovative routines for baseline connection (ABC), interference correction (CSI), etc.
  • LIMS connection


The ASpect PQ software fully complies with FDA requirements. User rights management and individual passwords ensure that the system can only be accessed by authorized persons. All important events, such as logon/logoff, measurements, calibrations, and messages generated by the Self Check System, are recorded in the Audit Trail. Measured data can undergo routine review and approval using electronic signatures.

Product Required Included
PlasmaQuant 9100 Cost-effective analysis for contract and QC labs (818-09100-2)
PlasmaQuant 9100 Elite High resolution ICP-OES (818-09101-2)


Order number Name
810-88042-0 Consumables Set HF Kit for PlasmaQuant 9x00 series
810-88044-0 Consumables Set Organic Kit for PlasmaQuant 9x00 series
810-88046-0 Consumables Set Salt Kit for PlasmaQuant 9x00 series
810-88040-0 Consumables Set Standard Kit for ICP-OES
418-13-410-596 Inline Filter for tubing (1,3mm) for PQ 9x00 series
418-10-405-177 Nebulizer for tubing for Salt kit
418-10-405-176 Nebulizer tubing for Standard Kit, Organic Kit, HF-Kit
418-10-405-175 Nebulizer tubing organic samples for ICP-OES
418-13-400-015 PTFE Waste tubing (Extension; 1m; 1.6x1.0mm)
418-13-410-528 PU pump tubing (black/black) for sample
418-13-410-529 PU tubing (red/red) for waste
418-13-410-595 Set of PVC-pump tubing (blk/blk),flared, for hydride reducing agent
418-13-410-392 Set of PVC-pump tubing for sample (black/black)
418-13-410-594 Set of PVC-pump tubing (red/red) flared for waste
418-13-410-393 Set of PVC-pump tubing (red/red) for waste
418-13-410-532 Set pump tubing viton (black/black) for sample
418-13-410-533 Set pump tubing viton red/red for waste
418-10-405-194 Set PVC pump tubing (orange/green) flared
418-88097-0 Set tube connector nebulizer gas for ICP-OES and ICP-MS
418-10-405-166 Waste tubing for cyclonic spray chamber
418-88086-0 Y-connector (1/16 in. ID) ,set of 5 pcs
418-13-5850-900-14 demountable V Shuttle Torch complete with 2mm injector
418-13-410-408 Injector 1.0mm; Quartz glass for V Shuttle Torch
418-13-410-412 Injector 2.0mm, Alumina for V Shuttle Torch
418-13-410-404 Injector 2.0mm, Quartz glass for V Shuttle Torch
418-13-410-492 Inner tube (Alumina ceramic) for V Shuttle Torch
418-13-410-401 Inner tube, Quartz glass for V Shuttle Torch
418-13-410-491 Outer tube (Syalon) for V Shuttle Torch
418-13-5850-908-10 Outer tube slotted Quartz glass
418-13-410-402 Outer tube, Quartz glass for V Suttle Torch
418-13-5850-011-20 Set O-rings for demountable torch for ORGANIC KIT
418-13-5850-010-20 Set O-rings for demountable torch for STANDARD KIT, HF KIT, SALT KIT
418-13-5850-009-20 Set O-rings torch body for V Shuttle Torch
418-13-410-400 Torch body, Quartz for V Shuttle Torch
418-13-5850-925-10 Torch Bonnet, large for PlasmaQuant 9x00 series
418-13-5850-001-20 V Shuttle (PTFE) with Torch Body for V Shuttle Torch
418-13-410-538 O-Ring for One-piece torch 13 x 3,5
418-13-410-537 O-Ring for One-piece Torch 20 x 2
418-13-410-555 O-Ring one-piece torch for aqueous solution
418-13-410-612 O-Ring one-piece torch for organic samples
418-13-5850-910-14 V Shuttle with one-piece torch quartz glass, injector 2mm
418-10-406-210 Adapter for Inline Filter for tubing (1,3mm)
418-13-410-420 Cleaning tool for concentric nebulizer
418-10-405-165 Cleaning tool for concentric nebulizer HF KIT
418-13-410-482 concentric nebulizer 0.1mL/min borosilicate glass
418-13-410-480 concentric nebulizer 0.4mL/min Borosilicate glass
418-13-410-484 concentric nebulizer 1mL/min Borosilicate glass, for high salt content
418-13-410-485 concentric nebulizer 1mL/min PEEK
418-13-410-609 concentric nebulizer 2mL/min Borosilicate glass, for high salt content
418-13-410-486 concentric nebulizer PEEK 0.4 mL/min
418-13-410-597 concentric nebulizer PFA 1mL/min
418-13-410-406 concentric nebulizer,1mL/min Borosilicate glass
418-13-410-663 Connector for nebulizer 4mm
418-88216-0 Connector for parallel path nebulizer
418-10-405-526 O-rings for Nebulizer cleaning tool
418-13-410-598 parallel path nebulizer 1mL/min PFA
407-400.057 Polypropylene sample vials 15 mL
407-402.926 Polypropylene sample vials 50 mL
418-13-410-415 Cyclonic spray chamber PTFE 50 mL
418-13-410-416 Cyclonic spray chamber, 20 mL Borosilicate glass
418-13-410-414 Cyclonic spray chamber, 50 mL with dip tube Borosilicate glass
418-10-406-043 Cyclonic spray chamber, 50 mL with two inlets, Borosilicate glass
418-13-410-407 Cyclonic spray chamber, 50mL Borosilicate glass
418-88105-0 Helix Seal, 4 pcs.
418-10-405-946 Ratchet EzyLok Connector
418-13-5850-680-14 Axial window with cone complete
418-13-5850-685-14 Axial window with Ni-cone (complete)
418-13-5850-682-00 Axial window, quartz
418-13-410-403 Ball Joint Adapter Polypropylene with 2 different O-rings
418-13-410-540 cooling water additives (2 components)
418-13-5850-340-10 Filter element plasma chamber
418-13-410-398 hook wrench for cone on PlasmaQuant 9x00 series
418-13-5850-307-10 HV-deflector spring
418-13-410-349 Inlet air filter element
418-13-410-592 Kit internal Std addition for HF KIT
418-13-410-593 Kit internal Std addition for STANDARD KIT, ORGANIC KIT, SALT KIT
418-13-410-657 Lubricated cloth for demountable torch
418-13-410-343 O-Ring 22x2 for axial window
418-13-5850-007-20 O-ring set for radial window
13-5850-695-14 Plan mirror axial bonded (mirror 1) for PlasmaQuant 9x00 series
418-13-5850-021-20 Preventative Maintenance Kit ICP OES PQ9x00 (Elite)
418-13-5850-006-20 Radial window, complete
418-13-410-411 Radial window, quartz glass
418-13-5850-008-20 Set o-rings for mounting base torch on basic ICP-OES unit
418-13-410-438 Water filter cartridge for cooling water cycle on PlasmaQuant 9x00 series
899-ICPC18L ICP Calibr Std, 18 elements Multi Element Calibration Standard, 100 mg/L in 2-5%HNO3
899-ICPC23Q ICP Calibr Std, 23 elements Multi Element Calibration Standard, 1,000 mg/L in 6% HNO3
899-ICPC4K ICP Calibr Std, 4 elements Multi Element Calibration Standard, 100 mg/L in 5% HNO3 & 1% HF
899-ICPC5BN ICP Calibr Std, 5 elements Multi Element Calibration Standard, 1 mg/L in 2-5% HNO3
899-ICPC5R ICP Calibr Std, 5 majors Mineral Standard Ca, K, Mg, Na, Fe, 500 mg/L in 2-5% HNO3
899-ICPC7BP ICP Prism Calib. 7 elements Multi Element Calibration Solution, in 2-5% HNO3
899-PC2A2 ICP Standard, Calcium 1,000 mg/L in 2 - 5% HNO3


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