mercur DUO plus - mercury analyzer based on could vapor technique with AAS and AFS The Dedicated Mercury Trace Analyzer

  • Highly automated – high sample throughput with autosampler operation
  • Fast – automated could vapor method with time-controlled flow injection technology
  • Reliable – bubble sensor, optimized drying membrane and dual amalgamation
  • Efficient – low reagent consumption, short measurement times

The mercur DUO plus is a specific and fully automated analyzer of mercury traces and ultra-traces. This analytical system meets all the relevant requirements and guidelines of mercury analysis.

The Efficient Mercury Analyzer

The mercur DUO plus is a high-performace mercury analyzer based on proven cold vapor technology. The integrated detection techniques of atomic absorption (AAS) and atomic fluorescence (AFS) offer full flexibility in application while covering a wide measurement range. Thanks to the integrated enrichment module with two gold collectors, limits of determination from the low ng/L (ppt) to the pg/L (ppq) range are realized with high method robustness, depending on the type of sample and configuration.

  • Excellent detection limits down to the ng/L range
  • Wide linear measurement range
  • Standard-compliant with effective enrichment by double amalgamation

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mercur DUO plus – Robust and Simple Mercury Trace Analysis

Mercury determination at trace levels is a global challenge. With growing industrialization and the development of ever new technologies and materials, leads to an increasing pollution of the environment. Mercury and its compounds are of particular interest for environmental and food analysis due to their high toxicity. The mercur DUO plus offers a very simple, robust and cost-effective method for the determination of mercury traces in liquid samples. It combines the proven cold vapor technique with optical spectroscopy methods, such as atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) and atomic fluorescence spectroscopy (AFS). In the cold vapor technique, mercury compounds are reduced to atomic mercury by chemical reaction with a reducing agent such as tin (II) chloride or sodium borohydride. This basic principle is implemented in the mercur DUO plus using a fully automated and time-controlled flow injection technique. Automated processes like dosing of reagents and sample solutions as well as rinsing of tubing enable simple and efficient operation with low chemical consumption and short measuring times.


The detection of the atomic mercury is carried out either by robust AAS or the highly sensitive AFS with detection limits down to the ppq range. Additional enrichment is achieved by passing the atomic mercury over an additional gold collector. This double amalgamation increases the detectability of the mercury and guarantees standard-compliant operation (according to EPA Method 1631).

Ease of use and automation are key features of the mercur Duo Plus. Relaible and low-maintenance routine analysis of even complex samples is guaranteed by technical details, like a bubble sensor, a specially optimized drying membrane and an intelligent gas-liquid control. The manual version of the mercur DUO plus for small sample numbers can be expanded with the AS-F or AS-FD autosamplers with dilution function for maximum sample throughput.

Technical Data

Dimension (width x depth x height)

mercur DUO plus - mercury analyzer based on could vapor technique with AAS and AFS

600 mm x 490 mm x 350 mm

Order Information

Order number


817-01203-2 mercur DUO plus - mercury analyzer based on could vapor technique with AAS and AFS


AS-F Autosampler for flame, hydride AAS and CV-AAS/AFS 810-60500-0
AS-FD Autosampler with auto-dilution for flame, hydride AAS and CV-AAS/AFS 810-60501-0
Sample rack 139 positions (Hg) for mercur with AS-F/AS-FD, glass-vials 810-60505-0
Sample rack 54 positions (Hg) for mercur with AS-F/AS-FD, glass-vials 810-60504-0


Software WinAAS

The proven control and evaluation software WinAAS meets all requirements of modern routine and science laboratories with highest comfort for the user:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly operation
  • Integration of all accessories
  • Complete documentation and reporting, conforming to GLP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Quick and easy saving and loading of methods and parameter files
  • Convenient sample table with many actions to choose from Automatic quality control for monitoring your analytical data
Product Required Included
mercur DUO plus - mercury analyzer based on could vapor technique with AAS and AFS (817-01203-2)


407-170.097 Amalgamation unit with heating coil for Hg Plus enrichment unit of AAS HS/mercur
407-170.196 Carbon Filter inlet gas Activated Carbon Filter for mercur
407-170.064 Cell tubing (from 4-valve group to the cell), for mercur
407-170.088 Cleaning wire
407-170.056 Connecting tube reactor-valve for mercur
407-170.058 Connection tube reactor to GLS for mercur
810-60077-0 Consumable Set Hg for Mercur
407-170.063 Drying membrane for mercur
407-401.734 Gas tube 3 x 5 mm for mercur
407-170.240 Gas-liquid separator (GLS) for mercur
407-170.050 Intake tube sample (complete) for mercur
407-170.541 Intake tube sample for mercur
407-170.052 Intake tubing acid and reducer - MFA (complete), for mercur
407-170.060 Intake tubing acid and reducer -MFA (with hollow screw), for mercur
407-170.067 Predrying membran (GLS-bubble) for mercur
407-233.906 Pump tube acid / reducer (Ismaprene orange/orange; d = 0,89 mm), for mercur
407-10-407-758 Pump tube reducer/waste (Ismaprene; violett/violett; d = 2.06 mm), for mercur
407-170.535 Reactor tube (MFA) 50 cm for mercur
407-170.057 Reactor tube (MFA), 25 cm for mercur
407-170.167 Storage bottle acid (1000ml) for mercur
407-170.089 Storage bottle reducer (1000 ml) for mercur
407-170.068 Tube valve-collector, long for mercur
407-170.066 Tube valve-collector, short for mercur
407-170.114 Tubing Set Hg for Mercur
407-170.055 Waste tubing GLS for gas-liquid-separator, mercur
407-170.054 Waste tubing, complete for mercur


Brochure mercur DUO plus (EN)
Broschüre mercur DUO plus (DE)
EU Declaration of Conformity mercur DUO plus
Operating Manual mercur (DE)
Operating Manual mercur (EN)
Operating Manual mercur (RU)
Product Guide Chemical Analysis (EN)
Produktkatalog Chemische Analyse (DE)

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