multi EA 5100 for micro-elemental analysis Your Entire C/N/S/X Lab in One Device

  • Unparalleled application variety without the need for time-consuming device modification
  • Unattended operation and reliable results with the Self Check System
  • Smart safety features and pre-configured methods simplify your analysis
  • One analyzer for all applications, no matter if the sample is solid, liquid or gaseous.
  • Vertical and horizontal combustion combined in one system

The multi EA 5100 is your flexible all-rounder for sulfur, nitrogen, chlorine, and carbon analysis in solids, liquids, and gases. Benefit from the combination of outstanding robustness and sensitivity, best service, and cost-effective high-throughput analysis in every matrix – in QC laboratories, in research, or in contract analysis.

Versatile, Fast, and Sensitive – Elevate Your Measurement Performance

The modular design allows the system to be adapted to individual requirements. The basic unit can be extended at any time. Mix and match the multi EA 5100 accessory modules to suit your needs. The double furnace technology lets you achieve the best results for every sample matrix. Thanks to the easy-to-use tilting mechanism the analyzer can switch from vertical to horizontal combustion in few minutes. The multi EA 5100 is equipped with a safety system that guarantees maximum operational safety and economic life of crucial system components. Relevant system parameters are automatically monitored and optimized, guaranteeing a trouble-free and safe operation. The auto-protection system protects the analyzer from damage caused by particles, aerosols, and liquids. Optimal combustion for accurate measurements, the flame sensor guarantees matrix-optimized, quantitative combustion and prevents soot formation. Samples can be analyzed quickly and reliably.

  • Double furnace – vertical and horizontal combustion combined in one system
  • Intuitive user guidance, self-explanatory menu navigation
  • Self Check System – automatic monitoring, adaptation and regulation of important system parameters
  • Flow management system with High performance gasbox – stable gas flows, optimal digestion, prevention of soot formation by automatic leak check
  • Auto Protection system – save operation, extension of components life
  • Plug-and-Start technology – automatic recognition of active system configuration
  • Flame sensor technology – ensuring fastest soot-free boat combustion independant of sample quantity and sample matrix

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Fast, Versatile, Sensitive

The multi EA 5100 guarantees competitive advantage of your lab in terms of cost-effectiveness and analysis quality. Fast analysis is possible in three minutes for liquids and six minutes for solids. With a high sample throughput up to 160 liquid samples and up to 90 solid samples per day, costs are kept very low. Reduced consumption of consumables and less time spent on maintenance, minimize costs even further. C/N/S/X testing is carried out in one analysis cycle, the change between C/N/S and X determination is fully automatic, with no conversion of the instrument required. The unmatched detector diversity of sulfur, nitrogen, carbon, and chlorine opens up a wide range of applications and offers the perfect solution for every elemental analysis task. The modular principle allows for the system to be designed individually – an extension is possible at any time should your requirements change. The HiPerSens detection provides for a broad linear measuring range and lowest limits of detection.

Flexible automation possibilities for a high sample throughput reduce the costs per analysis considerably. A wide range of accessories is offered to boost analysis throughput. Available accessories include an automatic boat drive (ABD) with cooled sample port for the automatic introduction of liquid and solid samples. It´s integrated flame sensor guarantees matrix-optimized, quantitative combustion and prevents soot formation, thereby solving a problem common to other conventional instruments. With this technology, samples can be analyzed quickly and reliably, even if their characteristics are unknown. A multi matrix sampler (MMS) is available for automatic introduction of up to 112 liquids or 35 solids, an autoinjector for safe semi-automated injection of liquids up to 100 μl, ideal for small sample series. For LPG and gas analysis, three different matrix-optimized modules are available. You can choose between the GSS module, a gas sampling system for introduction of unpressurized or pressurized gas samples, the LPG 2.0 module for direct dosing of pressurized liquefied gases, and the GSS/LPG combi module for dosing of liquefied and pressurized gases with separate sample branches to prevent cross-contamination. With its broad application spectrum and smart features, the multi EA 5100 is ideal for industrial control labs, contract labs and state authorities in the oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. Applications include process control, material testing, and waste management. Features such as flame sensor technology for matrix-optimized sample digestion – including most difficult matrices such as oils, VGO, polymers and liquefied gases – and the integrated method library are indispensable for easy routine analysis.


Oil & Gas

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  • Diesel Fuels and Fuel Additives – Interference-Free Determination of Sulfur Traces According to ASTM D5453 (EN)

    Open application

  • Heavy Fuel Oil, Feed Materials and Residues – Trustable Determination of High Nitrogen Contents in Viscous, Complex Matrices (EN)

    Open application

  • Elemental analysis for N/S/Cl determination in biofuels (EN)

    Open application

  • Determination of Total Volatile Sulfur in Gaseous Hydrocarbons and Liquefied Petroleum Gases According to ASTM D6667 resp. ASTM D7551 (EN)

    Open application

  • Determination of Ultra Low Nitrogen in Aromatic Hydrocarbons (EN)

    Open application

  • Determination of Nitrogen Contents in Petroleum Products (EN)

    Open application

  • Determination of Trace Nitrogen in Liquid Petroleum Hydrocarbons DIN51444 (EN)

    Open application

  • Determination of Total Sulfur in Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Related Chemicals (EN)

    Open application

  • Standard Test Method for Determining Organic Chloride STM D5808 (EN)

    Open application

  • Ultra-sensitive High-throughput TS Analysis in Light Hydrocarbons ASTM D5453 (EN)

    Open application

  • Determination in Light Hydrocarbons and Engine Fuel ASTM D5453 (EN)

    Open application

  • Bestimmung des Gesamtschwefels mittels UV-Fluoreszenz nach ASTM D7183 (DE)

    Open application

  • Standard-Testmethode zur Bestimmung von organisch-gebundenem Chlor ASTM D5808 (DE)

    Open application

  • Elementaranalyse zur N/S/Cl-Bestimmung in Biokraftstoffen und ihren Ausgangsstoffen (DE)

    Open application

Food & Agriculture

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  • Determination of Different Chlorine Parameters in Palm Oil (EN)

    Open application

  • Elemental analysis for N/S/Cl determination in biofuels (EN)

    Open application

  • Determination of N/S/Cl Contents in Lactic Acid (EN)

    Open application

  • Total Nitrogen Determination in Sugar and Starch by Catalyst-Free High-Temperature Combustion (EN)

    Open application

  • Elementaranalyse zur N/S/Cl-Bestimmung in Biokraftstoffen und ihren Ausgangsstoffen (DE)

    Open application

  • Détermination de différents paramètres de chlore dans l‘huile de palme avec l‘analyseur élémentaire multi EA 5100 (FR)

    Open application


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Chemical & Materials

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Power & Energy

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Technical Data


Sample Pressure

Limit of Detection

Sample quantity

Measurement Range

Gas supply

Digestion Mode

Min. measurement time

Sample Supply


Injection Volume

Dimension (width x depth x height)

Space requirement (width x depth x height)

multi EA 5100 for micro-elemental analysis

TS, TN, TC, TOC, TIC, EC/OC, TCl, TICl, TOCl, AOX, EOX (depending on accessories) gas: up to 200 bar
LPG: up to 35 bar
S (UVFD): 5 ppb
S (coulometry): 600 ppb
N: 10 ppb
Cl: 50 ppb
C: 100 ppb
solids: 0 - 110 mg S (UVFD): 0 - 1 wt-%
S (coulometry): 0 - 4 wt-%
N: 0 - 1 wt-%
Cl: 0 - 10 wt-%
C: 0 - 100 wt-%
Oxygen 4.5 and Argon 4.6 High-temperature combustion, catalyst-free 3 min horizontal and vertical S: UVFDS: coulometric titrationN: CLDCl: coulometric titrationC: NDIR liquids: 0 - 500 µL
gases: 0 - 100 mL
LPG: 0 - 50 µL
510 mm x 550 mm x 470 mm 600 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm

Order Information

Order number


450-300.011 multi EA 5100 for micro-elemental analysis C/N/S/X determination in one device

"Each sample is fully combusted and residue-free. That is the best foundation for reliable measurement results. We also save a lot of time in method development since, thanks to the flame sensor, each sample can be oxidized quickly and easily in a variety of quantities without precise knowledge of its combustion characteristics. We are also well prepared for the future when it comes to meeting even higher quality requirements for our products."

Peter Frenzel, Head of Analytics and Quality Manager at The Dow Chemical Company

Technologies Making Lab Life Easier

Double Furnace Technology

The double furnace technology allows to benefit from the advantages of the vertical and horizontal digestion in one system. The easy-to-use tilting mechanism enables the system to be optimally adapted to your sample. For rapid and precise determination of liquids and gases, particularly in the trace range, the use of vertical systems has become standard. With the increase in complexity, volatility and viscosity of the samples, however, it is necessary to use the horizontal mode. The multi EA 5100 gives you unlimited application versatility, matrix optimized combustion, minimal maintenance effort, and best results for all sample types.

HiPerSens Detection

With one wide adjustment-free operation range the detectors are suitable for all concentrations. The HiPerSens detection combines highest sensitivity in ultra-trace analysis with a wide linearity up to the upper end of operation range. Thus high and low element contents can be processed together in the same sequence, only one method is required. Samples with high concentrations can be analyzed directly without dilution.

Flame Sensor

Flame Sensor technology for automatic process optimization provides the fastest possible analysis for all samples in horizontal mode. Only one method is required for all matrices of the same state of aggregation! It ensures maximum operational safety and soot-free combustion for even high sample quantities. This generates reliable measurement results with less replicates.


The Auto-Protection effectively prevents the system against damages caused by particles, aerosols and liquids. It features effective cleaning and drying of the reaction gases and monitoring and protection functions for highest analysis safety and minimum maintenance effort.


Country kit Australia *

Order number: 450-300.011-AU

Country kit China *

Order number: 450-300.011-CN

Country kit EU basic unit *

Order number: 450-300.011-EU

Country kit Japan basic unit *

Order number: 450-300.011-JP

Country kit Swiss basic unit *

Order number: 450-300.011-CH

Country kit UK basic units and accessories *

Order number: 450-300.011-GB

Country kit USA basic unit *

Order number: 450-300.011-US

C/N/S High Performance drier kit multi EA 5100 *

Maintenance-free dryer for sulfur, nitrogen and carbon determination

Order number: 450-300.012

C module 5100

Accessory for the determination of carbon contents by NDIR

Order number: 450-300.028

Cl module 5100

Accessory for the determination of chlorine contents by coulometric titration

Order number: 450-300.023

Extension kit Cl "sensitive"

For the determination of high chlorine contents and AOX

Order number: 450-300.025

Extension kit Cl "high concentration"

For the determination of very high chlorine contents

Order number: 450-300.026

Extension kit Cl "high sensitive"

For the determination of very low chlorine contents

Order number: 450-300.024

N module 5100

Order number: 450-300.022

S module basic

Accessory for the determination of sulfur contents by UV fluorescence

Order number: 450-300.021

S module coulometric

Accessory for the determination of sulfur contents by coulometric titration

Order number: 450-300.027

S module MPO

Accessory for the determination of sulfur in fuels and refinery samples by UV fluorescence

Order number: 450-300.020

TOC module 5100

Accessory for the determination of TC, TOC and TIC in wastewater analysis

Order number: 450-300.029

Automatic Boat Drive - ABD without flame sensor technology

Multi-Matrix sample supply system for the horizontal operation mode for multi EA 5100 and multi X 2500

Order number: 450-126.416

Boat sensor for MMS and autoX 112 sampler

Accessory for MMS and autoX - ensures trouble-free routine operation in AOX and solids analysis

Order number: 450-889.204

Cover for multi matrix sampler

Accessory for Multi Matrix Sampler - prevention of sample loss and contamination effects in solids/AOX analysis

Order number: 450-900.408

Liquids kit "TMP" for MMS 5100

Accessory for MMS 5100 - with cooling option for safe and quantitative dosing of very light volatile liquids and heating option for comfortable and troublefree dosing of viscous liquids

Order number: 450-300.031

Liquids kit for MMS 5100

Accessory for MMS 5100 - for dosing of liquid samples

Order number: 450-300.033

MMS-T temperature-controlled autosampler

Temperature-controllable liquids autosampler for multi EA 5100

Order number: 450-900.453

Multi Matrix Sampler - MMS

Versatile multi-matrix autosampler for liquids, solids, TOC, AOX and EOX samples for multi EA 5100

Order number: 450-300.030

Solids kit for MMS

Accessory for MMS and autoX 112 - for automated dosing of solids, highly viscous liquids and AOX samples

Order number: 450-300.034

Solids kit T for MMS T

Accessory for MMS-T - for dosing of solids, highly viscose liquids, and AOX samples

Order number: 450-900.454

TOC kit for MMS

Accessory for MMS - enables automatic determination of TC and NPOC contents in wastewater analysis

Order number: 450-300.035

Autoinjector - type AI-EA

Basic, robust semi-automated sample supply for liquids for multi EA 5100

Order number: 450-900.461

Autoinjector - without syringe

Innovative, advanced semi-automated sample supply for liquids for multi EA 5100

Order number: 450-900.403

Automatic Boat Drive - ABD with flame sensor technology

Multi-Matrix sample supply system for the horizontal operation mode with flame sensor for multi EA 5100

Order number: 450-300.013

Gas sampling system - GSS

The impressing allrounder in gas analysis for multi EA 5100

Order number: 450-126.420

GSS/LPG combi module

2-in-1 combination of LPG and pressurized gas sampling system for multi EA 5100

Order number: 450-126.418

Adapterbox for GSS module

Accessory for GSS module enabling analysis of pressurized gases

Order number: 450-007.531

Extension "sample in" (female)

Order number: 450-520.283

Extension "sample in" (male)

Order number: 450-520.267

Gas leak detector "sniffer"

Order number: 450-890.032

LPG module 2.0

The safe solution for demanding high-pressure LPG applications for multi EA 5100

Order number: 450-900.465

EC/OC set

For separate determination of elemental and organically-bound carbon

Order number: 450-900.402

Flow test kit

For checking gas flows and gas leaks

Order number: 402-889.652

* necessary to operate


multiWin Software

Order number: 450-011.803

The self-explanatory multiWin software accompanies the user through all relevant menu points. multiWin is intuitively structured and thus offers the user a comprehensible and simple handling. The Self Check System - an intelligent combination of hardware components and software functions, guarantees uninterrupted and fully automatic operation of the analyzer and its accessories. It monitors and regulates all important system parameters. It immediately points out errors in the configuration of the system and detects unsuitable parameters, thus avoiding low quality results from the very beginning. The software continuously checks the system’s performance and the quality of analysis. multiWin provides free evaluation of sample data even during running measurements, the automatic selection of the optimum calculation function, the fully automatic set up of calibration curves for special applications, the possibility of individual recalculation of results, as well as the clear display of the measurement results. The implemented maintenance counter and intelligent software feature to trigger life time and performance of relevant components make maintenance more predictive, saving time and effort while preventing system failures. Data and parameters can be conveniently managed and stored, and results can be easily forwarded using automatic or manual data import or export functions, including LIMS import and export of data. For elemental analysis with multi EA 5100 and 4000 series the multiWin software includes an extensive library of more than 100 approved, ready to use and stanadard compliant and special application analysis methods. This significantly simplifies analyses according to standard regulations such as ASTM, EPA, DIN, ISO, and UOP. Preconfigured methods eliminate time-consuming method development and allow for fast, correct measurements independant of operators skills.

Features & Benefits

  • Modern and user-friendly Windows™ based control and data evaluation software,
  • Available as PC version
  • Intuitive user guidance with self-explanatory menu navigation avoids operator mistakes
  • Automatic optimization routines, monitoring and control of all relevant system parameters and functions
  • Multitasking for free evaluation of sample data, even during running measurements
  • Special host option allows to control two different systems with the same PC and software
  • Different user levels, individual user management
  • Easy, quick access menu icons, integrated trainings module, and init-check function enable quick start of operation even for beginners
  • Troubleshooting assistant, on-screen help function, implemented service and maintenance modules
  • Predictive maintenance – automatic monitoring of maintenance intervals
  • Extensive library of ready-made, compliant analysis methods (ASTM, EPA, ISO, etc.) for routine applications and special parameters (e.g. AOX, EC/OC) for multi EA 5100 and 4000 series
  • Comprehensive user-oriented functions like multi-point and multi-range calibration, blank correction, recalculation of results, free choice of results dimensions, statistical functions
  • Implemented system performance checks – AQA and daily factor functions
  • Extensive search, sort and filter functions for methods, calibration and result files
  • Versatile export and import functionalities, LIMS, CSV, manual and fully automated etc.
Product Required Included
multi EA 5100 for micro-elemental analysis (450-300.011)


Order number Name
450-889.324 Consumables & spare parts (extended) kit N module multi EA 5100
402-889.591 40 µL syringe for Autoinjector
402-889.589 10 µL syringe for autoinjector
402-889.592 100 µL syringe for Autoinjector
402-889.590 20 µL syringe for autoinjector
402-300.100 100 µL special syringe for autoinjector AI-EA
402-300.103 50 µL special syringe for autoinjector AI-EA
402-820.044 Air filter for membrane dryer pump
402-889.527 Auto-Protection valve assembly with bypass, complete
450-889.323 Consumables & spare parts kit autoinjector type AI
450-889.321 Consumables & spare parts kit Cl "sensitive" and " high concentration"
450-889.320 Consumables & spare parts kit Cl module 5100 - "high sensitive-4 electrode"
450-889.304 Consumables & spare parts kit for GSS/LPG combi module
450-889.316 Consumables & spare parts kit for horizontal operation (ABD)
450-889.306 Consumables & spare parts kit for liquids autosampler MMS
450-889.313 Consumables & spare parts kit for multi EA 5100
450-889.317 Consumables & spare parts kit for N module
450-889.319 Consumables & spare parts kit for S module 5100 coulometric
450-889.325 Consumables & spare parts kit for S module UVFD
450-889.318 Consumables & spare parts kit for S module, UVFD with MPO
450-889.315 Consumables & spare parts kit for vertical operation
450-889.305 Consumables & spare parts kit GSS multi EA 5000 / 5100
450-889.303 Consumables & spareparts kit for LPG type 2.0
402-007.513 FAST connector , angled
402-820.110 FEP tubing
402-881.028 Finger-Tight -Set
402-801.317 Fuses - T 10 A
402-822.118 Heat protection gloves
402-889.510 Multi purpose combustion tube
402-820.129 Oxygen, Argon gas supply resp. water tubing
402-889.674 Quartz sample boats 40 x 9 mm
402-889.673 Quartz sample boats with downholder 40 x 9 mm
402-825.044 Quartz wool
402-300.012 Replacement C/N/S drier multi EA 5100 *
402-889.092 Sample vials 2 mL
402-889.306 Screw cap with hole GL 18
402-889.050 Septa, O.D. 12.5 mm
402-889.558 Set auto protection filter
402-889.557 Set sealing disks , 17 mm
402-889.091 Set snap caps for 2 mL sample vials
402-889.583 Special sealing auto-protection system
402-950.028 Tubing kit multi EA 5000 / 5100
402-825.045 Tweezers , straight, truncated

* necessary to operate


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