EA Sampler Series The Perfect Fit to Your Application

  • Any-time extension for wider application spectra
  • Unique flexibility due to variable dosing systems for liquids and solids
  • Convincingly easy, software guided operation
  • High precision by intelligent sensors and innovative hardware features
  • Maximum safety and minimized maintenance effort in horizontal applications with boat supply

Flame Sensor Technology – Available for Automatic Boat Drive

The innovative flame sensor technology ensures the fastest soot-free boat combustion that is available in the market. Optimum analysis results, independant of sample quantity and sample matrix are easily achieved by any operator.

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Sample dosing with high precision and safety

Autoinjector AI

Intelligent constant rate syringe drive for the safe, semi-automatic injection of liquids in the vertical and horizontal operation. Developed for the multi EA 5100 series it is the smallest and lightest system available on the market. Thanks to one-step filling it is possible to reach dosing precise of autosampler, independant of the operator. The autoinjector can be equipped with up to 4 different syringes. The integrated sensors indicate automatically the installed syringe size and check for proper filling of the syringes. Thus eliminates main sources of operation mistakes. The multiWin controllled constant-speed injection ansures even for highets sample volumes a controlled and quantitative combustion process. The autoinjector is required for liquids analysis systems without autosampler. It is the ideal solution for small sample numbers resp. in case liquids analysis is seldom done.

  • Free choice of dosing syringes with regards to the application and element content – 10, 20, 40, 100 µL – smart adaptation of the analysis process
  • Automatic recognition of installed syrineg, syringe size and correct filling – elimination of user mistakes
  • Software controlled, constat injection rates for controlled, complete combustion
  • Easy software-guided operation

Resource saving – no additional power supply, extremely light and small design

Autoinjector AI-SC

Constant rate syringe drive for the semi-automatic dosing of liquid samples . This autoinjector was developed for the cpmpEAct analyzer series to enable safe injection of widely varying sample volumes. It is the ideal solution for small sample numbers, if no autosampler is present.

  • Standard 50 µL syringe, can be upgraded to 100 µL
  • Freely adaptable sample volumes, variable in 1 µL steps – flexibility in calibration and method optimization
  • Automatic recognition of installed syringe
  • Especially recommended for high element contents, EAsyCal strategy and multi element analysis
  • Software controlled, constat injection rates for controlled, complete combustion
  • Easy software-guided operation
  • Resource saving – no additional power supply
  • Space-saving – installation on top of analyzer, no extension of analyzer footprint

ABD Automatic Boat Drive

The ABD was developed for the introduction of samples for the multi EA 5100 systems in horizontal operation mode. Therefor the samples e.g. liquids, solids, AOX (acc. batch and column method), EOX and EC/OC samples are introduced either manually or automatically into quartz sample boats. The ABD transfers the loaded quartz sample boats fully automated into the combustion furnace. The process can be adapted to the specific needs of samples resp. user preferences. Four different modes are available, constant rate, parameter mode, automatic and automatic plus. The ABD enables autmated supply of up to 100 μL liquid /EOX or up to 110 mg solid sample. There are two versions of the ABD available. One is required in case of analysis of organic sample matrices (e.g. fuels, polymers, sugar etc.), it comes equipped with the flame sensor technology as standard. The other one is suited only for analysis of innert materials and special applications like AOX, EC/OC or determination of organic surface layers on ceramic materials (e.g. cataysts). This one is not including the flame sensor.

  • Cooled sample port – enables analysis of light volatile liquids
  • High-performance Peltier cooóling for sample baots – minimum idletime in liquids applications
  • Automatic port opening and pressure sensors – high operation safety, maximum operation comfort in solids & AOX applications
  • Flame sensor technology – Intelligent fullym automatic adaptation of the combustion process to the specific needs of any matrix component – remarkably reduced downtime and maintenance effort, quantitative digestion even for huge quantities, very reactive samples or unknown matrices
  • Safe and easy operation - very suited for shift work and analysis of unknown samples
  • Free choice of ABD operation mode allows time and matrix optimized analysis with streamlined throughput


Technical Data

Dimension (width x depth x height)

Autoinjector - type AI-EA

80 mm x 80 mm x 190 mm

Autoinjector - type AI-SC

150 mm x 240 mm x 270 mm

Autoinjector - without syringe

80 mm x 80 mm x 190 mm

Automatic Boat Drive - ABD with flame sensor technology

520 mm x 500 mm x 210 mm


  • APHA SM 5320 B
  • ASTM D3120
  • ASTM D4629
  • ASTM D4744
  • ASTM D5453
  • ASTM D5762
  • ASTM D7183
  • ASTM D7184
  • ASTM D7457
  • DIN 15486
  • DIN 38414-17
  • DIN 38414-18
  • DIN 51408-2
  • DIN EN 14077
  • DIN EN 16166
  • DIN EN ISO 9562
  • EN ISO 16591
  • EN ISO 20846
  • EPA 1650C
  • EPA 450.1
  • EPA 9020B
  • EPA 9023
  • EPA 9076
  • JIS K 2541-2
  • JIS K 2541-6
  • NEN 6402
  • OENORM 6614
  • SH/T 0253
  • SH/T 0689
  • UOP 779
  • UOP 936
  • UOP 987-A
  • VDI 2465-2

Order Information

Order number


450-900.461 Autoinjector - type AI-EA
450-900.460 Autoinjector - type AI-SC
450-900.403 Autoinjector - without syringe
450-300.013 Automatic Boat Drive - ABD with flame sensor technology


402-889.091 Set snap caps for 2 mL sample vials
402-889.092 Sample vials 2 mL
402-300.101 Needles for special syringe autoinjector AI-EA
402-300.100 100 µL special syringe for autoinjector AI-EA
402-300.103 50 µL special syringe for autoinjector AI-EA
402-889.182 Cleaning wires for µL-syringes
450-889.301 Consumables & spare parts kit for autoinjector type AI-SC
402-823.079 Removable needles for 50 and 100 µL syringes
402-300.000 50 µL special syringe for autoinjector AI-SC
402-300.003 Snap caps for sample vials
450-889.323 Consumables & spare parts kit autoinjector type AI
402-889.186 Removable needles for autoinjector AI
402-889.589 10 µL syringe for autoinjector
402-889.590 20 µL syringe for autoinjector
402-889.591 40 µL syringe for autoinjector
402-889.592 100 µL syringe for autoinjector
402-815.838 O-ring 14 x 4 mm
402-823.042 Manual syringe 100 µL
402-886.236 Sealing for sample port ABD
402-889.050 Septa 12.5 mm
402-889.560 Set of sealing elements horizontal for boat drives
450-889.316 Consumables & spare parts kit for horizontal operation (ABD)
402-889.068 Manual syringe 50 µL
402-889.039 Adsorption material for boat combustion
402-889.673 Quartz sample boats with downholder 40 x 9 mm
402-889.674 Quartz sample boats 40 x 9 mm
402-889.515 Sealing elements horizontal , set-1
402-889.551 ABD coupling tube
702-889.881 Hook for automatic boat drive ABD-2
702-889.884 Guiadance pipe for ABD


Brochure compEAct (EN)
Broschüre compEAct (DE)
EU Declaration of Conformity Automatic Boat Drive
Flyer Accessories for multi EA 5100 (EN)
Flyer Zubehöre multi EA 5100 (DE)
Operating Manual ABD (DE)
Operating Manual ABD (EN)
Operating Manual ABD (ES)
Operating Manual Autoinjector AI-EA (DE/EN)
Operating Manual Autoinjector AI-EA (RU)
Operating Manual multi EA 4000 (FR)
Product Guide Chemical Analysis (EN)
Produktkatalog Chemische Analyse (DE)

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