compEAct Series Choose the EAsy Way

  • Reliable analysis of sulfur and nitrogen
  • Maximum sample throughput for higher efficiency
  • Minimum maintenance requirements, maximum safety
  • Save lab space with minimum footprint
  • Time-saving features: pre-calibrated, factory-tuned, short measurement times, 24/7 operation

In times of limited lab resources and an increasing number of samples compEAct provides fast and cost-effective determination of sulfur and nitrogen in liquids, gases, and LPG samples for refineries, quality control and contract labs.

Simplify Your Quality Control with compEAct

Save time and money with analysis times of 2 to 5 minutes and high sample throughput. compEAct offers field-approved, ready-to-use standard methods compliant to the relevant regulations, eliminating time-consuming development and optimization of methods. The analyzers are ideal for unattended 24/7 operation and allow for remote access.

  • Simple touchscreen operation with full access to an extensive method library
  • Wide linear measuring range with lowest detection limits (N: 15 ppb, S: 5 ppb)
  • Smallest overall footprint on the market – all relevant system components combined in one device (footprint less than 0.3 m²)
  • Automatic monitoring and optimization of all process parameters

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The Analyzer That Thinks for You

compEAct is small in size but big in performance. High throughput, fast analysis times, and an easy-to-use software help you reduce costs and increase productivity. With compEAct, you don't need to worry about cumbersome maintenance cycles or manual system checks. Low detection limits ensure compliance with industry standards, like ASTM, ISO, UOP, or IP.

compEAct supports you in all aspects of your laboratory work. Thanks to the analyzer’s self-monitoring system, you do not have to worry about unplanned downtimes for maintenance and system checks. The EAsy Protect system monitors and optimizes all relevant process parameters in real time. The maintenance assistant informs you of upcoming maintenance requirements and minimizes maintenance cycles and costs. The integrated Auto-Protection System guarantees operational reliability and the maximum service lifespan for important system components. The space-saving design also includes an integrated high-contrast touch screen, that is easily operated even with gloves. Nano coating ensures a high resistance to chemicals and mechanical stress.

The degree of automation for compEAct is adaptable to individual requirements – from manual handling of just a few samples a week, up to fully automated, unattended operation around-the-clock in high-throughput laboratories. The range of accessories includes autosamplers from 18 to 120 positions with flexible sample volumes and dosing speed, also available is an autoinjector for automated injection without the use of an autosampler. Additionally, you can add one of the matrix-optimized gas sampling modules for simplified and safe LPG and gas analysis. Saving time and simplifying workflows, compEAct especially meets the requirements of the oil and gas industry facing tightening regulations and skills shortage. To ensure product quality and process optimization, the determination of sulfur and nitrogen impurities is important for control labs in refineries and in the production of alternative fuels. The compEAct detector covers a wide concentration range, from high contents in process streams to ultratraces in the pure end products without the need for dilution or enrichment steps. Suitable applications also include quality control for organic chemicals, solvents, and bio-chemicals. Depending on whether you need compEAct for the analysis of total nitrogen or total sulfur contents, the elemental analyzer is available in the application-optimized versions compEAct N and compEAct S. Furthermore, compEAct S MPO is the right choice for interference-free sulfur (TS) determination in fuel analysis and other refinery applications.


compEAct N

Elemental analyzer for total nitrogen (TN) determination

Order number: 450-300.003

compEAct S

Elemental analyzer for total sulfur (TS) determination

Order number: 450-300.001

compEAct S MPO

Elemental analyzer for interference-free sulfur (TS) determination in fuels and other refinery products

Order number: 450-300.002


Oil & Gas

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  • Determination of Sulfur Content of Automotive Fuels – Ultraviolet Fluorescence Method According to EN ISO 20846 (EN)

    Open application

  • TS Determination in Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Related Chemicals according to ASTM D7183 (EN)

    Open application

  • TN Determination in Bio-based Fuels According to ASTM D4629 (EN)

    Open application

  • Determination of Trace Nitrogen Contents DIN51444 (EN)

    Open application

  • TS Determination in Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Related Chemicals ASTM D7184 (EN)

    Open application

  • Fast and Reliable TS Determination in Liquefied Pressurized Gases (LPG) according to ASTM D6667, ASTM D7551, and DIN EN 17178 (EN)

    Open application

Technical Data

Min. measurement time

Sample Supply


Injection Volume

Sample Pressure


Limit of Detection

Measurement Range

Gas supply

Digestion Mode

Dimension (width x depth x height)

compEAct N

3 min vertical, semi- or fully automated (accessories required) N: CLD liquids: 0 - 100 µL
gases: 0 - 100 mL
LPG: 0 - 50 µL
gas: up to 200 bar
LPG: up to 35 bar
TN N: 10 ppb N: 0 - 1 wt-% Oxygen 4.5 and Argon 4.6 High-temperature combustion, catalyst-free 510 mm x 530 mm x 540 mm

compEAct S

3 min vertical, semi- or fully automated (accessories required) S: UVFD liquids: 0 - 100 µL
gases: 0 - 100 mL
LPG: 0 - 50 µL
gas: up to 200 bar
LPG: up to 35 bar
TS S: 5 ppb S: 0 - 1 wt-% Oxygen 4.5 and Argon 4.6 High-temperature combustion, catalyst-free 510 mm x 530 mm x 540 mm

compEAct S MPO

3 min vertical, semi- or fully automated (accessories required) S: UVFD, equipped with MPO technology liquids: 0 - 100 µL
gases: 0 - 100 mL
LPG: 0 - 50 µL
gas: up to 200 bar
LPG: up to 35 bar
TS S: 5 ppb S: 0 - 1 wt-% Oxygen 4.5 and Argon 4.6 High-temperature combustion, catalyst-free 510 mm x 530 mm x 540 mm

Order Information

Order number


450-300.003 compEAct N
450-300.001 compEAct S
450-300.002 compEAct S MPO

"We use compEAct for routine sulfur testing. The instrument has won us over completely. Its analysis speed for routine operations is unbelievable, it is very easy to operate, and fits into even the smallest laboratory corners."

Dr. Tobias Munde, Associate Analytical Manager at Dow Olefinverbund GmbH

Patented Technologies for Best Analysis Results

Uncomplicated sulfur testing in fuels

The compEAct S MPO provides for straightforward sulfur testing in fuels with increased nitrogen content using, for example, nitrogen-based cetane improvers (e.g., 2-EHN). Many fuels classified as sulfur-free actually have a TS level close to the legal limit of 10 ppm. If a cetane improver containing nitrogen is used, the tested content can quickly exceed the specified limit. The Micro Plasma Optimizer (MPO) makes it possible to avoid expensive blending of fuels by testing the real, unaltered sulfur concentration. This patented technology was developed as a further enhancement of UV fluorescence. It renders interfering nitrogen compounds harmless and guarantees fast and reliable results, eliminating the need for additional auxiliaries (e.g., catalysts), application of empiric correction factors, or trap-and-release systems.

Precise and sensitive detection

HiPerSens detection combines high sensitivity in ultra-trace analysis with a wide measuring range up to 10,000 mg/L. The very low detection limits (N: 15 ppb, S: 5 ppb) allow you to meet quality and regulatory requirements. While the compEAct N works using chemiluminescence detection (CLD), compEAct S and compEAct S MPO use a UV fluorescence detector (UVFD).

  • Multi-range-calibration of the entire measuring range with up to 5 different calibrations
  • High and low element concentrations can be processed together using the same method
  • Fast direct analysis of high concentrations at low cost, without dilution
  • Reliable trace analysis, with no trap-and-release techniques or huge injection volumes required


Liquids sampler LS 1

Liquids autosampler for small sample series for compEAct

Order number: 450-900.450

Liquids sampler LS 2

Liquids autosampler for high throughput applications for compEAct

Order number: 450-900.451

LS-T temperature-controlled sampler

Temperature-controlled liquids autosampler for compEAct

Order number: 450-900.452

Autoinjector - type AI-SC

Semi-automated sample supply for liquids for compEAct

Order number: 450-900.460

LPG module 2.0 for compEAct / multi EA 5010

The safe solution for demanding high-pressure LPG applications

Order number: 450-900.466

GSS/LPG-combi module for compEAct / multi EA 5010

2-in-1 combination for LPG and pressurized gas sampling

Order number: 450-126.419

Gas sampling system for compEAct / multi EA 5010

The allrounder for non-pressurized and pressurized gases

Order number: 450-126.410

Adapterbox for GSS module

Accessory for GSS module enabling analysis of pressurized gases

Order number: 450-007.531

Consumables & spare parts kit for compEAct / multi EA 5010 systems

Order number: 450-889.300

Extension "sample in" (female)

Order number: 450-520.283

Extension "sample in" (male)

Order number: 450-520.267

Gas leak detector "sniffer"

Order number: 450-890.032


EAvolution software

Order number: 450-011.300

The EAvolution software sets standards in simplicity and functionality. It easily guides expert and non-expert users in their daily routine. The software’s simplicity ensures smooth operation and reliable analysis without extensive user training. A pictogram-based interface, flat substructures and a Quick Access sidebar allow easy navigation between menu items. To ensure full standard compliance and to avoid the exceedance of legal limits, the software comes equipped with a library of ASTM, ISO, UOP, and IP compliant methods, calibration sequences, and check functions.

Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive operation using multi-touch control
  • Customized reports and data exportIntegrated method library
  • Full standard compliance (ASTM, DIN, ISO, IP, etc.)
  • Maintenance assistant, messaging, service module
  • Automatic data backup and LIMS connectivity
  • Integrated LAN port for remote access for data evaluation or online support
Product Required Included
compEAct N (450-300.003)
compEAct S (450-300.001)
compEAct S MPO (450-300.002)


Order number Name
450-889.300 Consumables & spare parts kit for compEAct / multi EA 5010 systems
402-300.008 Fingertight connector , complete
402-300.009 Transfer tube for Auto Protection assembly
402-300.013 Set special needles for gas samplers
402-300.017 100 µL special syringe for autoinjector AI-SC
402-300.024 Set gas supply tubings for compEAct and multi EA 5010
702-300.012 Maintenance hook for combustion tubes
402-823.079 Removable needles for 50 and 100 µL syringes
402-820.123 Ferrule for injection needle
402-889.445 Connection part GSS
402-300.016 100 µL special syringe for LS 1 / LS 2
402-950.027 Absorber unit for CLD
402-300.011 Auto Protection filter set compEAct / multi EA 5010
402-889.182 Cleaning wires for µL-syringes
402-300.005 Combustion tube compEAct / multi EA 5010
450-889.304 Consumables & spare parts kit for GSS/LPG combi module
450-889.305 Consumables & spare parts kit GSS multi EA 5000 / 5100
450-889.303 Consumables & spareparts kit for LPG type 2.0
450-889.310 Extended maintenance & service kit for compEAct N / multi EA 5010 N
450-889.311 Extended maintenance & service kit for compEAct S / multi EA 5010 S
450-889.312 Extended maintenance and service kit for compEAct S MPO / multi EA 5010 S MPO
402-300.022 FAST connector compEAct / multi EA 5010
402-822.118 Heat protection gloves
702-890.463 Kit chemical ozone decomposer for replacement
402-300.006 Membrane dryer for compEAct / multi EA 5010
402-881.116 O-ring 6 x 3 mm
402-825.044 Quartz wool
402-889.306 Screw cap with hole GL 18
402-889.557 Set sealing disks , 17 mm
450-889.309 Standard kit for calibration and test of compEAct S/ MPO / multi EA 5010 S / MPO
450-889.308 Standard kit for calibration and test of compEAct N / multi EA 5010 N
402-891.069 UV lamp for UVFD detector , conditioned
11-0402-001-21 UV lamp for UVFD detector , standard


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