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Founded in 2001 as a representative office with a staff of only three, Analytik Jena has rapidly expanded in Bangkok since 2011, reaching a total of 27 employees in 2020. The branch has featured its own application centre since 2010, providing the very same equipment that can be seen in Jena as well.

Securing food quality in palm oil production


The process of refining any type of vegetable oil can, under certain circumstances, lead to the presence of carcinogenic substances. This also pertains to palm oil, the most commonly used vegetable oil in global food production. EU regulations introduced in 2018 limit the maximum level of fatty acid esters (3-MCPD) that are suspected of raising the risk of cancer.


Producers on the other side of the globe are required to comply with these rules and therefore need to install the appropriate analytical measurement equipment. "The presence of organic and inorganic chlorine, which often occurs during the refining process, needs to be limited and monitored because it’s reported to be responsible for the formation of the contaminant 3-MCPD in production process," explained Santhiti Tawachsupa, Head of Analytik Jena Far East. "This in fact constitutes a new and profitable market segment for us."

Using the Elemental Analyzer multi EA 5000, customers can check chlorine levels in crude palm oil both prior to and during the production process, optimized to save time and to take into account the matrix properties in question. Given the new chloride limit to be introduced in Malaysia in Q3 2020, Analytik Jena has found a particular market need here, with at least 12 multi EA 5000 analyzers in use for this purpose by the beginning of 2020 in Indonesia and Malaysia – and counting.

»This in fact constitutes a new and profitable market segment for us.«

Santhiti Tawachsupa, Head of Analytik Jena Far East

If you work in Bangkok …

... you get to travel all across Southeast Asia.

From Thailand’s capital Bangkok, Analytik Jena Far East covers Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and Brunei, with frequent visits to customers at various locations. And customers also get to visit Bangkok to test instruments firsthand at the application centre – not to mention sampling the world-renowned Thai cuisine.

... you get to have two names.

Long names that are hard to pronounce (internationally) are often replaced by a short nickname. This is how Santhiti became Kent and Jarungjit became Pui. “If someone calls me Jarungjit,” Pui says, “I know it’s serious.” So please call her Pui (unless it’s serious!).

... you get to party every month.

After-work parties are scheduled for Fridays at 5:30 p.m. about once a month. “Casual talk can lead to valuable information and helps us grow our business,” Kent explained. (It may sound like an excuse, but it’s not, of course!) And the big company trip early each year serves to provide another heaping dose of team spirit.

In my element

Atipong “Aum” Saiyud

Business Development Manager, Bangkok

Workwise, I’m in my element …
… when I get to push our products into the market.

Privately, I’m in my element …
… when I play sport. In my neighborhood we have a football team, and with friends and colleagues we play badminton.

For the anniversary …
… I’d bring Thai traditional food for the entire company, just not too spicy so Europeans can indulge with us.

Jarungjit “Pui” Suranen

Office Manager Bangkok Office, Bangkok

Workwise, I’m in my element …
… when I work. I love to work, helping people to solve problems.

Privately, I’m in my element …
… with my family. I do the housework and drive my children, who are 15 and 18 years old, to their various activities. We talk and shop together.

For the anniversary …
… I’d have to choose between food, as we are the kitchen of the world, or traditional Thai dancing (while Kent is singing!).

Santhiti “Kent” Tawachsupa

Head of Analytik Jena Far East, Bangkok

Workwise, I’m in my element …
… when I create a trusting work environment that’s like family and helps us to grow.

Privately, I’m in my element …
… with my family. My 8- and 10-year-old daughters don’t get to see me enough. I appreciate the times when we get to eat at a beach restaurant or play badminton.

For the anniversary …
... I’d go on stage and sing a traditional Thai song for prosperity and growth.

Tran Nham

Head of Spectroscopy, Australia

Workwise, I’m in my element …
… when I stand in front of customers, explaining our products in seminars, exhibitions and road shows, building on the reputation of German technology.

Privately, I’m in my element …
… when I’m cooking, spoiling friends and family with fried dumplings, including my 24-year-old son, who is at uni but misses his mum’s cooking. I was born in Vietnam to Chinese parents and lived in Australia for 40 years, so all of the AsiaPacific region is mixed within me.

For the anniversary …
… I’d bring a bottle of Australian red wine.

multi EA 5100 for micro-elemental analysis Elemental analyzer for the determination of carbon, sulfur, nitrogen and chlorine contents in solids, liquids, and gases

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