CyBio FeliX Extraction Set The Powerhouse for Nucleic Acid Extraction

  • Efficient - purification of up to 96 samples parallel
  • Reliable - reproducible results
  • Optimized - hardware and kits work hand in hand
  • Valid - extraction without carryover effects
  • Future proof - ideal for extraction of high molecular weight DNA
  • Lab space-saving - minimal footprint and maximum throughput
  • Flexible - open platform for further applications

The CyBio FeliX combined with Extraction Set joins high-precision liquid handling and the automated extraction of high-quality nucleic acids at a high-throughput scale. The system sets new standards in terms of flexibility and user-friendliness.

Install & Extract - CyBio FeliX & Extraction Set

A unique combination of hardware, software and dedicated extraction kits: This solution offers the possibility of high-throughput nucleic acid extraction on the CyBio FeliX and full flexibility regarding the number of samples to be processed. Choose freely between one and 96 samples to be purified - depending on your individual requirements. A number of ready-to-use extraction procedures for dedicated kits is available for the CyBio FeliX with Extraction Set. By using pre-filled extraction kits or performing pre-fill routines, necessary manual steps can be reduced to a minimum. Thanks to pre-installed extraction protocols for the Application Studio FeliX eXtract, extraction procedures can be started without any programming effort. Furthermore, with only a few modifications you can use CyBio FeliX for other laboratory routines, such as sample preparation or an automated (q)PCR setup.

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Start Your Application With a Few Clicks

The Application Studio FeliX eXtract was developed especially for dedicated DNA and/or RNA extraction kits. Choose between different extraction technologies - either magnetic bead-based technology or the unique SmartExtraction technology (by IST Innuscreen GmbH). Select the specific extraction kit and start your application with just a few clicks in the visual interface. The software has a pre-installed library of associated extraction protocols that saves you time-consuming configuration. Simply select one of the pre-installed protocols, determine the elution volume and your application can begin.

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OL5015-25-120 CyBio FeliX Extraction Set CyBio FeliX Extraction Set

CyBio FeliX - Take Your Manual Workflow to the Next Level and Automate

Elevated sample troughput often requires automation of your manual workflow. Furthermore, automated routines convince with superior reproducabilty, minimization of manual steps with maximum walk-away time as well as significant reduction of risk of errors and contaminations. Both research and productivity can strongly benefit from these aspects.

For this reason CyBio FeliX has been developed as a liquid handling platform with 1–384 channels in a volume range of 1 µl up to 1000 µl. The CyBio FeliX meets the market demand for advanced, medium-to high-throughput robotics within the liquid handling community. The high-precision parallel transfer in 96 or 384 well format is complemented by pipetting in single wells, as well as pipetting into columns and rows. CyBio FeliX offers maximum flexibility with minimal space requirements through a unique deck design with twelve positions on two levels. Despite its compact design, CyBio FeliX provides sufficient space for microplates, tubes, shaker, magnet adapter and gripper. The modular concept of CyBio FeliX enables customized configurations for a wide variety of applications and can be adapted at any time to suit changing requirements.

Based on that highly flexible and open platform not only applications such as nucleic acid extraction can be realized with minimum effords and maximum outputs. Further workflows and/or sub-steps such as dilution series, (q)PCR setups and many more can be implemented on CyBio FeliX.


Application Studio CyBio FeliX eXtract

Product Required Included
CyBio FeliX Extraction Set (OL5015-25-120)


OL3317-25-127 innuPREP Prefilling Set (5 x 96 reactions)
OL3317-25-125 Protective Plate, 50 pieces
OL3317-25-126 Protective Plate, 532 Pieces
OL3317-25-128 smart Prefilling Set 1 (5 x 96 reactions)
OL3317-25-129 Smart Prefilling Set 2 (5 x 96 reactions)


Automated DNA/RNA Extraction with the CyBio FeliX
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Ready-to-use extraction kits as consumables for CyBio FeliX & Extraction Set

With the transfer of AJ Innuscreen to IST AG, the business with kits and reagents also shifts. Please note that extraction kits are now only available from IST Innuscreen GmbH. From now on you can send your orders to or send your questions to

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