AOX Autosampler Series The Right Solution for Any Task

  • Wide application range – AOX column method
  • Cost-effective solutions for small sample series
  • High throughput speed – up to 112 samples in a run
  • Flexibility – two functions one system
  • Maximum safety in horizontal AOX analysis – boat sensor

AOX Sampler for Small and Large Sample Series

The autoX samplers are available in different versions. This allows you to optimally adapt the multi X 2500 to the requirements of your laboratory operation, relevant analysis standards and sample throughput. The autoX series autosamplers allow flexible automation. From small AOX sample series in vertical up to multi-matrix variants for introduction of large series of AOX, EOX and TOX samples in vertical or horizontal operation.

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autoX 112

Universal sampler platform, suited for the automated direct introduction of up to 112 AOX samples acc. column method, resp. up to 35 organic solids like derived fuels in quartz sample boats, or 112 EOX resp. other organic liquids like used oil.

  • Cost effcitive 4-in-1 automation solution suitale for in vertical and horizontal operation mode
  • Flexible system configuration, accessory kits for dosing of solids/AOX (35 pos.), liquids/EOX (112 pos.), TOC (60 pos.), direct dosing of enriched AOX charcoal out of the columns(112 pos.)
  • Liquids up to 500 μL (direct injection by μL-syringe), solids up to 110 mg resp. AOX samples acc. batch and column method (boat dosing by gripper)
  • Easy operation software -controlled, automatic recognition of present accessory kit
  • High sample throughput and significantly increased up-time due to direct dosing of AOX samples awithout the columnUnlimited flexibility, upgradable at any later time by suited extension-kits
  • Reduced maintenance effort for analysis of challenging EOX extracts and used oil – automatic rinsing cycles with sample and pure solvent, sealed niveau vessel for waste disposal

autoX 36 / autoX 36d

The automatic samplers autoX 36 / 36d are the ideal solution for comfortable processing of small sample numbers. They are suited to introduce up to 36 samples within one sequence in the instrument. The standard version autoX 36 can process AOX samples prepared according batch and column method. The special version autoX 36d enables the direct feeding of charcoal into the combustion system by pushing it out of the columns. As an option, it can be extended by the standard 36 position tray, enabling intrduction of the entire columns.


autoX 112 sampler

Versatile multi-matrix autosampler for AOX, EOX and TOX samples for multi X 2500

Order number: 450-126.690

autoX 36 AOX sampler

For small AOX sample series in vertical mode

Order number: 450-126.412

autoX 36d AOX sampler with direct feed capability

Autosampler for AOX samples prepared according column and batch method

Order number: 450-126.408

Order Information

Order number


450-126.690 autoX 112 sampler for flexible automation of AOX, solids, EOX, TOC and liquids dosing
450-126.412 autoX 36 AOX sampler for vertical operation mode
450-126.408 autoX 36d AOX sampler with direct feed capability


AOX rack autoX 112 *

Accessory rack for autoX 112 - for direct feed of activated charcoal without AOX column

Order number: 450-889.603

Turntable for 36 quartz containers

Additional turntable for autoX 36 / 36d

Order number: 450-126.414

EOX rack autoX 112 *

Accessory rack for autoX 112 - for introduction of EOX and other liquid samples

Order number: 450-889.528

Kit AOX / solids rack *

Accessory for MMS 5000 / autoX 112 - for introduction of solids, viscous liquids, and AOX samples

Order number: 450-889.523

Boat sensor for MMS and autoX 112 sampler

Accessory for MMS and autoX - ensures trouble-free routine operation in AOX and solids analysis

Order number: 450-889.204

Cover for multi matrix sampler *

Accessory for Multi Matrix Sampler - prevention of sample loss and contamination effects in solids/AOX analysis

Order number: 450-900.408

TOC rack autoX 112

Accessory for autoX 112 - for introduction of wastewater samples in TC/TOC analysis

Order number: 450-889.529

Adjustment tool for solids rack

Order number: 402-889.837

Filling device for activated carbon (20 mg)

For metering of activated carbon for AOX acc. batch method

Order number: 402-880.212

Filling device for activated carbon (50 mg)

For metering of activated carbon for AOX acc. column method

Order number: 402-880.114

Gripper for sample boats

Order number: 402-889.547

* necessary to operate


The autoX is operated via multiWin operation and data evaluation software.

Product Required Included
autoX 112 sampler (450-126.690)
autoX 36 AOX sampler (450-126.412)
autoX 36d AOX sampler with direct feed capability (450-126.408)


Order number Name
402-810.025 Activated carbon for AOX batch method
402-810.004 Activated carbon for AOX column method
402-823.056 Needles, I.D. 0.35 mm for syringes
402-880.008 Quartz container, empty
402-880.009 Quartz container, empty
402-889.645 Quartz container, thin-walled, 18 x 8 mm
402-823.079 Removable needles for 50 and 100 µL syringes
402-812.374 Replacement screw for autosampler
402-889.206 Septum for solvent vessel
402-880.616 Set disposable tubes for AOF, filled
402-880.605 Set of 10 disposable tubes - filled, 18 x 6 mm
402-880.614 Set of 10 disposable tubes for AOF (18 x 6), filled
402-880.610 Set of 100 disposable tubes - filled 18 x 6 mm
402-880.609 Set of 100 disposable tubes 18 x 8 mm, filled
402-889.534 Syringe 100 µL for MMS
402-889.594 Syringe 250 µL with vent
402-889.593 Syringe 500 µL with vent
402-886.248 Waste hose for autosampler


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