Web Seminar Find the Right Way to Prep Sample preparation in molecular biology

Contents and goals of the web seminar

Duration: ~20 min
Language: English

Thoughtful experimental set-up and correct sample preparation is vital to get the most out of a given sample. Whether you are seeking to analyze your specimens at the protein or the nucleic acid level, it is always important to keep some key points in mind.

In this web seminar you will learn about different sample preparation methods with a special focus on homogenization. Analytik Jena’s homogenizer, the SpeedMill PLUS, in combination with a wide array of lysis tubes is a versatile system that is being used in various fields of study. Applicative examples will give you further insights into the possibilities this system offers.

  • Overview of different sample preparation methods
  • Insights into homogenization in general and the SpeedMill PLUS specifically
  • Applicative examples of plant homogenization

Target group: Users working with samples for molecular biology applications