Air Pollution Control

  • Monitoring of particulate matter
  • Emission output and impact control
  • Analysis of fly ashes, diesel soot,
    or microorganisms

Air pollution is a great risk to health and the environment. We support you with efficient emission control in order to specify further process steps and meet air quality standards.

Speed up your analysis processes

  • Automation options for filter dust analysis (TOC/TC)
  • High-throughput diesel soot analysis (TC/EC)
  • Rapid qPCR-based legionella testing

High-quality measurement results

  • Highly sensitive detection of metals, semimetals, and selected non-metals (ICP-MS, ICP-OES, AAS, AFS)
  • Specific real-time PCR workflows for microbes in water
  • Customized methods for individual samples

Analyze with us

  • Total organic carbon and elemental carbon
  • Microorganisms in water, especially Legionella in evaporative cooling systems
    Nucleic acid extraction kits, thermal cycler, real-time thermal cycler
  • Elements down to ultra-trace range
  • Total sulfur and total halogens

The analytical and bioanalytical solutions from Analytik Jena provide you with streamlined processes and dependable data for your daily pollution control. Our analyzers are especially useful for monitoring industrial processes in incineration-based power plants and evaporative cooling systems.

Extraction and detection of Legionella DNA from cooling tower water samples

Fast and reliable quantification of bacterial load in cooling tower water samples as well as detection of Legionella spp. and especially pathogenic Legionella pneumophila is a challenge. This applictaion note describes the efficient automated extraction of bacterial DNA from cooling tower water samples using the InnuPure C16 touch and subsequent qPCR analysis by innuDETECT Assays on qTOWER3.

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Measurement of soot in ambient air – determination of elemental carbon (EC) after thermal desorption of organic carbon (OC) based on VDI 2465-2

Separation and quantitative determination of EC/OC in a wide concentration range with reliable matrix-related calibration and optimized processing times using the multi EA 5100 elemental analyzer. The method does not require pre-treatment-free, allows for separate EC/ OC determination and is fully automated.

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Analysis of Solid Matrices

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Water Analysis

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Wastewater Analysis for Chemical Parameter

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