Interview Viola Schwarz Specialist Website & Trademark

Innovator for 22 Years

Viola Schwarz has been at Analytik Jena for 22 years. Few have witnessed the evolution of the Company as closely as she has. In this interview, she explains how she came to Analytik Jena and what rapid development the Company has undergone in her time.

Ms. Schwarz, how did you come to Analytik Jena? How did it all start?

It was 22 years ago. I was searching for a 6-week internship, which had to be completed as part of my advanced training as a multimedia manager. A friend of mine worked at Analytik Jena at the time and told me that they were looking for software developers, so I tried my luck. In 1997, I started with an internship in the R&D area as a technical editor. My first project was doing the manuals for the SPECORD devices. Later I supervised the construction of the website and programmed the source code. In 1998, I was hired for the marketing department. In addition to constantly expanding the internet presence of Analytik Jena and its subsidiaries, I was responsible for the entire spectrum of marketing activities – from graphics, trade fairs, photos, presentations and print documents to equipment labeling, the employee magazine and brand protection.

What was your first impression of the Company? What did you think of the atmosphere?

There was a very friendly and cooperative atmosphere. Everyone was highly motivated and energized by Analytik Jena’s rapid growth at that time. It was also great that the teams were already well mixed and diverse.

Can you briefly describe your work for the Company? What issues do you deal with and what challenges do you face every day?

My main task is the technical support of the website and the maintenance of our Extranet, the information and document portal for our employees and partners abroad. I also deal with trademark protection.

Especially Internet topics are always exciting because the development is progressing very quickly. During my time at Analytik Jena, I worked on five website redesigns with international rollout, starting with source code programing to the application of various content management systems.

What do you particularly like about your work?

Then as now, the teams were and are very diverse, which I personally find very enjoyable. I like it when my tasks require regular contact with many employees throughout the Company and my field of work is very varied. However, this has changed somewhat as the Company has changed.

Due to the coronavirus restrictions, direct contact has unfortunately decreased.

How has your work for Analytik Jena changed over time? How has Analytik Jena changed over time?

The first years after I joined the Company until the IPO in 2000 were characterized by rapid growth. The Company became more international and more product brands were added.

My Marketing tasks at that time were very diverse and not as specialized as they are today. I was actively involved in preparing, organizing, and executing events such as trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars, and workshops. I worked on topics in the print sector and managed the online presence of Analytik Jena and its subsidiaries. I was on the road more too. With the new means of communication today, this is no longer necessary to the same extent. The rapid development of Analytik Jena has led to a greater specialization in work tasks.

What goals do you have? What else do you have planned for your career?

I want my work to make a difference and really add value to the Company. A big goal I have is the possible replacement for the Extranet. If a new system comes along, I would like to see it go online before I retire in a few years.

What motivates you? What drives you?

The results of my work motivate me as well as our cooperation as a team. Even difficult challenges can be very inspiring and motivating.

What do you do to really switch off?

I like to go on motorcycle trips with my husband and to spend an evening with friends. I am also regularly active in a gymnastics club.

Is there an event or personal highlight that stands out in your time at Analytik Jena?

A big personal highlight was the 10th anniversary celebration. Since I was responsible for events at that time, I organized most of it. Since we had the IPO at the same time, it was a unique experience where everything was perfect – even the weather.

Thank you for the interview.