Perfect for environmental and offline process monitoring applications

  • High sample throughput

  • Variable injection and sample digestion techniques

  • Highest matrix tolerance and cost efficiency

The TOC and TNb contents have established themselves as reliable indicators for the quality assessment of water and solids, such as soils or recycling materials, in environmental monitoring and industrial processes as parameters that can be determined quickly and easily.

The multi N/C series offers optimised instrument solutions for a wide range of requirements in these areas, with which you can determine TOC/TNb contents efficiently and reliably and work in compliance with standards, for example in the analysis of drinking and surface water, municipal and industrial waste water, process water, such as cooling and boiler feed water, electrolysis baths or as quality parameters in the chemical industry.

Efficiency and high throughput

Automate your processes with versatile auto samplers and other efficiency-enhancing features such as integrated sample homogenization by magnetic stirring, automatic acidification and parallel purge and analysis. Depending on your requirements, processes can be optimized from samplers for small sample sequences to autosamplers with a capacity of 146 samples for high-throughput analysis.

With a separate solids module, you can also analyze solid samples directly for their TOC content. The samples are decomposed at up to 1300 °C in the robust ceramic combustion tube without the use of catalysts. Thanks to built-in valve technology, you can quickly switch between liquid and solid operation.


Long service life thanks to proven furnace technology

The catalytic high-temperature combustion at up to 950 °C enables the complete oxidation of stable macromolecules and particle-containing samples and also enables simultaneous TNb determination. Efficiency and reliability characterize our furnace technology in this field. We can proudly offer a 10-year long-term warranty* on our furnace technology. In addition, the optimized design of the combustion tubes minimizes the use of expensive catalysts and simultaneously increases tolerance to saline matrices. We thus offer you extended maintenance cycles and minimized operating costs.

Our models for environmental and process analysis

 multi N/C 21000Smulti N/C 3100multi N/C UV HS

High temperature combustion up to 950 °C


UV/Persulfate (254 nm, 185 nm)


Flow injection

Direct injectionx--

Measuring range [mg/l] TC/TOC/NPOC/TIC

0 – 30,0000 – 30,0000 – 10,000

Measuring range TNb mg/l (ChD)

0 – 1000 – 10,0001)-

Measuring range TNb mg/l (CLD)

0 – 2000 – 20,0001)-

HT 1300


Double Furnace/Swab Test Module


Self Check System


VITA/Easy Cal


1) Dilution ratios of up to 1:100 are possible through automatic external dilution with AS vario/ / AS vario ER.

  If you are still not sure which model fits best to your requirements - use our finder.

multi N/C 2100S - the power package

The compact and robust routine analyzer based on high-temperature combustion with integrated autosampler and septum-free injection technology is ideal for particle- or oil-containing samples as well as very small sample volumes.

Characteristics of the multi N/C 2100S:

  • Valve-free direct injection technology
  • Suitable for very small sample volumes
  • Optimum particle handling capability and rinsing efficiency
  • Compact system with integrated, fully automatic autosampler

multi N/C 3100 - Versatility at the highest level

The fast all-rounder for all samples thanks to a combination of catalytic high-temperature combustion and flow injection with intelligent rinsing technology and robust ceramic injection valve for particle-containing samples. The high-precision dosing unit allows precise dosing of a wide range of volumes.

Characteristics of the multi N/C 3100:

  • Flow injection with intelligent rinsing technology for samples containing particles
  • Ceramic injection valve for high robustness
  • High detection sensitivity
  • High sample throughput by parallel purge and analysis for NPOC mode


multi N/C UV HS - TOC determination made easy

The highly sensitive TOC analyzer combines wet chemical UV digestion with a particularly effective UV radiation source (with 3-year warranty) and variable, high-precision sample dosing of high injection volumes (up to 20 ml) according to the flow injection principle.

Characteristics of the multi N/C UV HS:

  • Wet chemical oxidation with High Power, Long Life UV Reactor
  • Flow injection with high sample throughput by parallel purge and analysis in NPOC mode
  • Highest sensitivity and precision in the ppb range
  • TOC determination even in aggressive matrices



Brochure multi N/C

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multi N/C Series – Find the Right TOC Analyzer for Your Needs (Englisch)

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TechNote multiNC FR-NDIR Detector (English)

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