Biometra Minigel-Twin PAGE Electrophoresis Made Easy

  • Robust and cost-saving due to low buffer requirement
  • Easy handling
  • Compatible with almost all standard PAGE precast gels

For many years, the Minigel Twin system has stood for reliability, easy handling, and high specimen separation accuracy. The low buffer requirement reduces operating costs.

Proven Standard for Mini Gels

The Biometra Minigel-Twin System is a proven system for polyacrylic gel electrophoresis for the sharp separation of nucleic acids or proteins. Robust glass plates with fixed glass spacers and a special silicone seal between the gel sandwich ensure leak-proof, easy casting of gels.

  • For 1 to 2 gels of size 8.6 cm x 7.7 cm
  • Easy handling and stable construction
  • High separation efficiency and short run times
  • Low buffer requirement

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Mini Gel Electrophoresis in a Simple Way

The Biometra Minigel-Twin is a vertical protein gel electrophoresis system that allows an efficient separation of proteins and nucleic acids. Based on a optimized design, a fast and reliable analysis of your samples meets excellent resolution. Convince yourself of the high ease of use and the outstanding durability of the systems and let the Biometra Minigel-Twin become your ideal partner for protein or nucleic acid analysis.


Technical Data

Max. sample throughput

Number of gels

Glass plates with fixed spacers

Modular system

Max. buffer temperature

Buffer volume

Gel casting system

Max. current/electrophoresis

Electrode material

Max. voltage/electrophoresis

Max. power/electrophoresis

Dimensions glass plate (W x D, cm)

Dimensions gel (W x D, cm)

Dimension (width x depth x height)

Spacer thickness (mm)

Biometra Minigel-Twin w/o accessories

2 x 28 1 - 2 Yes No 50 °C 440 mL Silicone rubber seal 50 mA Platinum 400 V 20 W 10.5 x 9.8 8.6 x 7.7 236 mm x 160 mm x 182 mm

Biometra Minigel-Twin System for 2 gels (1.0 mm)

2 x 28 1 - 2 Yes No 50 °C 440 mL Silicone rubber seal 50 mA Platinum 20 W 10.5 x 9.8 8.6 x 7.7 236 mm x 160 mm x 182 mm 1

Order Information

Order number


846-010-130 Biometra Minigel-Twin only buffer chamber and safety lid
846-010-100 Biometra Minigel-Twin System (1.0 mm), for 2 gels. Complete system consisting of electrophoresis chamber, 2 glass plate sandwiches with 1 mm thick spacers, 2 seals for the sandwiches, 2 combs with 10 wells/1 mm thick, and 6 clips


Prep. Comb, 1.0 mm, 1+2 wells for Minigel/-Twin 846-010-009
Clamps for Minigel/-Twin 846-010-057
Comb, 0.6 mm, 10 wells for Minigel/-Twin 846-010-016
Comb, 0.6 mm, 10 wells for Minigel/-Twin 846-010-024
Comb, 0.6 mm, 16 wells for Minigel/-Twin 846-014-018
Comb, 0.6 mm, 20 wells for Minigel/-Twin 846-010-020
Comb, 1.0 mm, 10 wells for Minigel/-Twin 846-010-011
Comb, 1.0 mm, 16 wells for Minigel/-Twin 846-014-017
Comb, 1.0 mm, 20 wells for Minigel/-Twin 846-010-012
Comb, 1.0 mm, 28 wells for Minigel/-Twin 846-014-019
Comb, 1.0 mm, 5 wells for Minigel/-Twin 846-010-010
Gasket black for Minigel/-Twin 846-010-058
Glass plate with 0.6 mm spacer for Minigel/-Twin 846-010-002
Glass plate with 1.0 mm spacer for Minigel/-Twin 846-010-001
Notched glass plate , inclined edge for Minigel/-Twin 846-010-004
Notched glass plate with straight edge for Minigel/-Twin 846-010-003
Silicone seal, 1.0 mm for Minigel/-Twin 846-010-055


Brochure Product Guide Life Science (EN)
Broschüre Produktführer Life Science (DE)
Opertating Manual Biometra Minigel-Twin (DE)
Opertating Manual Biometra Minigel-Twin (EN)

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