AAS Autosampler Series Increase Your Sample Throughput

  • Less effort for operation and sample preparation
  • Uniform dosing process for highly precise analysis
  • Enhanced operation comfort with automatic overrange dilution
  • Up to dilution factor 1:800 for a single dilution step

Automation That Convinces

A range of autosamplers for flame and hydride technology (AS-F and AS-FD) and for use in graphite furnace (AS-GF) offer unique flexibility and efficiency in routine analysis. In addition to the automatic standard and sample feed, the autosampler provide more comfort to simplify your routine work.

  • Automatic standard preparation
  • Intelligent sample dilution
  • Automated dosage of modifiers and further reagents
  • Automatic depth adjustment

Range of AAS/AFS Autosampler

The AS-F and AS-FD autosamplers for flame and hydride technologies and AS-GF for graphite furnace use provide ua convinient routine application.Combined with high dosage accuracy and intelligent cleaning control when concentrations are exceeded, they make unattended operations (even overnight) a matter of routine and ensure smooth processes and high sample throughputs. Sample preparation is reduced to a minimum, improving the cost per sample and your profitability.


AS-F Autosampler for flame, hydride AAS and CV-AAS/AFS

Standard AAS Autosampler for flame and hydride technology as well as CV-AAS/AFS

Order number: 810-60500-0

AS-FD Autosampler with auto-dilution for flame, hydride AAS and CV-AAS/AFS

Advanced AAS Autosampler with auto-dilution function for flame and hydride technology and CV-AAS/AFS

Order number: 810-60501-0

Order Information

Order number


810-60500-0 AS-F AS-F Autosampler for flamem hydride AAS and CV-AAS/AFS
810-60501-0 AS-FD AS-FD Autosampler for automated analysis and dilution of samples


Order number Name
407-11-0515-920-11 Cannula (PtRh) with guiding for autosampler AS-F
407-11-0515-910-11 Cannula (PtRh) with guiding for autosampler AS-FD
407-403.159 Dosing syringe 5 ml for autosampler AS-FD, AS 52s from S/N 703801 (March 2007)
407-11-0515-011-12 Dosing/Rinsing tube for autosampler AS-FD
407-11-0515-930-11 Intake tube nebulizer for autosampler AS-F / AS-FD
407-11-0515-940-11 Intake tube rinsing solution for autosampler AS-F
407-400.057 Polypropylene sample vials 15 mL
407-402.926 Polypropylene sample vials 50 mL

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