Web Seminar: Is Your Pyrolysis Oil Ready for the Steam Cracker? – Finding the Right Analytical Tools

Content and goals of the Web Seminar

Duration: ~60 min
Language: English
Jean-Francois Borny - Analytical Services Manager, Lummus Technology
Simone Moos, Technical Product Manager, Analytik Jena

Chemical recycling holds the key to keeping plastics in the loop. But as with any new technology, hurdles need to be overcome to enable large-scale implementation. In the case of pyrolysis oil, one of the main challenges is the high variability of chemical and physical properties as no single batch of processed waste equals the next.
Characterizing pyoil is the first step to dealing with its inherent variability. This characterization requires an entire set of analytical tools, which must be able to handle all pyoil grades - from low boilers to heavy cuts. To develop these methodologies, partnerships between analytical instrument designers, pyoil producers as well as users are needed.
This presentation will highlight the current efforts to analyze pyoil – thereby teasing the upcoming ASTM guide on the topic authored by the subcommittee of Recycled Products D02.P.

 In this web seminar find out how to:

  • analyze pyoil for total sulfur, nitrogen, and halogens,
  • quantify silicon and metals in pyoil,
  • evaluate the hydrocarbon composition of pyoil,
  • assess boiling point distribution, density, and other pyoil properties.