Web Seminar Talk to FeliX Overview of the CyBio Composer software

Contents & goals of the web seminar

Duration: ~35 min
Language: English

The CyBio Composer is an automation control software suited for single instruments and small robotic workstations. Native access to all instrument functions as well as a fully developed scripting language leave nothing to chance while automating your laboratory workflow. The scripting environment rich with variables, loops, conditional statements, subroutines and much more, provides straightforward and swift sequential as well as parallel instrument control.

In this webinar you get an impression of the CyBio Composer’s intuitive click and drag interface. You learn in some simple examples, how fast and easy users can program their very own pipetting methods with the CyBio Composer Software.

  • overview of the user interface
  • 3 quick examples to show the general usability

Target group: Users who are interested in the look and feel of the CyBio Composer Software