Web Seminar Simplify routine liquid handling tasks with the Application Studio software

Contents & goals of the web seminar

Duration: ~25 min
Language: English

The CyBio Application Studio Software is designed to be a user-friendly interface for running CyBio Composer Scripts on the CyBio FeliX. The surface design is freely configurable and thus adaptable for different applications. The front end of the Application Studio has an intuitive interface for each of use via touch screen or keyboard and mouse. The software leads the user through setting up the CyBio FeliX ready for operation, supplying key information such as where to place labware, via message boxes and graphics. When the application is started, key information such as parameters of the workflow can be indicated, avoiding the need to program these. User guides that provide step by step instructions and notes regarding the preparation of reagents and instrument set up are also available.

In this web seminar we show how easy it is to upload your own created CyBio Composer Script and start your predefined application only via some clicks.

Target Group:

  • Users who already work with CyBio Composer Scripting Studio
  • Users who need GUIs to ease the handling of automated processes for their daily routine and avoid possible user mistakes
  • Users who are interested in the look and feel of the CyBio Application Studio Software
  • Users who already work with CyBio Composer and want to upload their own CyBio Composer Script in the CyBio Application Studio user interface