innuDETECT Pathagon Assays

innuDETECT Water Pathogen Assays

Product line of molecular diagnostic test systems for the identification of water relevant germs

Product Details

  • Highly specific detection of relevant water pathogens within a very short time
  • Differentiation of Legionella pneumophila among Legionella spp. in only one multiplex reaction
  • Lyophilized master mixes for adequate shipping and storage
  • Maximum efficiency - results available in up to 60 min

The qualitative and quantitative identification of different microbiological organisms plays a decisive role in monitoring water quality. This applies to drinking water, industrial water, industrial water and surface water.  Regardless of whether it is a matter of determining the total bacterial load, detecting organisms as a key indicator of hygiene or potential contamination - the innuDETECT Water Pathogen Assays offer a range of excellent detection assays based on real-time PCR. Highly specific TaqMan® probes allow sensitive detection of the corresponding target organism from extracted DNA by detection in the FAM channel. The internal controls also included in the assay offer maximum security with regard to the validation of the results obtained. In addition to reliably detecting isolated pathogens such as Clostridium perfringens or Yersinia enterocolitica using the corresponding innuDETECT assays, the differentiation of Legionella spp. and Legionella pneumophila can be determined efficiently in just one PCR reaction. The innuDETECT Bacteria Quantification Assay also provides reproducible semi-quantitative analysis of the general bacterial load.


Detection principle

  • real-time PCR
  • Bacterial target 1 (FAM)
  • Bacterial target 2 (Cy5)*
  • Internal Control (HEX)

* applicable to innuDETECT Legionella Assay

Starting material

Extracted DNA

Detection Time

60 – 90 min


Assay specific between 1-10 DNA copies/PCR or depending on the background of the negative control

Order Information

Order number               Quantity    
845-IDF-0031024innuDETECT Bacteria Quantification Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-003109696 reactions
845-IDF-0033024innuDETECT Legionella Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-0033096   96 reactions
845-IDF-0034024innuDETECT Clostridium perfringens Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-0034096   96 reactions
845-IDF-0032024innuDETECT Yersinia enterocolitica Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-0032096  96 reactions
845-IDF-0025024innuDETECT Shiga Toxin 1 Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-002509696 reactions
845-IDF-0026024innuDETECT Shiga Toxin 2 Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-0026096   96 reactions
845-IDF-0027024innuDETECT E. coli O157 Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-002709696 reactions
845-IDF-0028024innuDETECT E. coli O104 Assay24 reactions
845-IDF-002809696 reactions


Brochure Biological Water Testing (English)

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Extraction and Detection of Legionella DNA From Cooling Tower Water Samples Using InnuPure C16 touch and qTOWER³

Application Note

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