innuPREP Bacteria DNA Kit

innuPREP Bacteria DNA Kit

  • Bacterial DNA extraction from gram+ and gram–cell cultures
  • Patented DC-Technology for short lysis times and efficient binding of bacterial DNA
  • DNA isolation from up to 1 × 109 bacterial cells

Product Details

The innuPREP Bacteria DNA Kit has been optimized specifically for isolating bacterial DNA from cell pellets after culturing, making it possible to process both gram+ and gram– bacteria. For bacteria that are particularly difficult to lyse the usage of the innuPREP Bacteria Lysis Booster is recommended.  The extraction process allows an initial lysis step using lysozyme and a subsequent proteolytic digestion step with a highly efficient process for binding bacterial DNA to the surface of a Spin Filter membrane. The DNA is then washed and desorbed from the surface of the filter. Extraction is based on Spin Filter columns and, in addition to being very easy to perform, also makes it possible to bind more than 50 µg of bacterial DNA.


Starting material

  • Gram+ and gram– bacterial cell pellets after culturing
  • Up to 1 × 109 cells

Average yield

  • Depends on the type and starting quantity and/or cell count of the bacteria
  • Up to 35 μg

Extraction time

Approx. 45 minutes

Binding capacity

Column binding capacity: > 50 µg DNA

Average purity

1,7 – 2,0

Order Information

Order numberQuantity
845-KS-601001010 reactions
845-KS-601005050 reactions
845-KS-6010250250 reactions


Manual innuPREP Bacteria DNA Kit

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