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Kits and solutions for nucleic acid isolation

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With the transfer of AJ Innuscreen to IST AG, the business with kits and reagents also shifts. Please note that extraction kits are now only available from IST AG. From now on you can send your orders to or send your questions to The kits and reagents will be removed from our site at the end of October.

SmartExtraction – we change the way to prep

Developed by Analytik Jena, the technology is the first of its kind in the world to facilitate simple automation with conventional liquid handling systems. More than 35 years after silica-based DNA and RNA isolation was first scientifically documented, Analytik Jena is launching a global innovation in nucleic acid extraction. SmartExtraction significantly accelerates and considerably simplifies the entire procedure. Most notably, the technology accommodates the trend towards maximum process automation.

Our basis for a more efficient extraction workflow – Dual Chemistry

The patented Dual Chemistry Technology (DC Technology) is a novel platform technology for isolation and purification of nucleic acids. Practice shows that high salt concentrations are not necessary for the efficient binding of DNA and RNA to a solid mineral phase. Therefore, Analytik Jena uses a combination of chaotropic  and non-chaotropic salts which enable optimized lysis and binding buffers. Your benefits: Faster nucleic acid extraction workflows and a higher yield, especially for complex starting materials. The DC Technology is also the foundation of SmartExtraction, a new extraction method by Analytik Jena, which was especially developed, for the extraction of high molecular weight DNA.

Benefits of DC Technology for your laboratory:

  • Less steps in extraction workflow and faster lysis
  • Best yields and high quality
  • Available for a large number of starting materials
  • RNA extraction without toxic β mercaptoethanol
  • Platform technology for all extraction kits by Analytik Jena
  • Easy to automate (SmartExtraction)
  • Suitable also for large starting volumina
  • Solutions for special applications such as free-circulating DNA or highly processed samples

Isolation of free-circulating and cell-free DNA

Polymer mediated enrichment (PME) is a technology by Analytik Jena to isolate and purify free-circulating and cell-free DNA. PME can handle the smallest quantities of DNA or even DNA fragments (< 1000 nt) and produce reliable results. How it works: Cell-free DNA or fragments of DNA bind to a polymer. It will then be pelletized via centrifugation, followed by the release of the bound nucleic acids in a buffer solution.



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