CyBio Well vario – the first Choice for uHTS MALDI sample preparation

384 and 1536 channel simultaneous pipettor adapting into any screening environment.

  • Extremely flexible through enormous volume spectrum
  • Highest precision in the whole volume range
  • No cross contamination due to highly efficient washing station

CyBio Well vario 1536 pipetting head with Ceramic Tip Magazine

MALDI-TOF-MS sample preparation for HTS employs a matrix-assay-matrix-sandwich technique. This is achieved through precision in positioning of the CyBio Well vario pipetting robot. The robot uses a fixed pipetting head and a precise plate lifter thus the required positioning accuracy for repeat spotting is guaranteed for the MALDI-TOF-MS sample preparation in a 1536 well format.

Pipetting on MALDI-target plate

1536 ceramic tips and 100 nL matrix spotted on to a metal MALDI target. Depending on the tip type, the CyBio Well vario 1536/8 μl pipetting head has a working range of 0.1 to 8 μl and it thus perfectly fits to the requirements of HTS and uHTS applications in the 384 and 1536 microplate format.

Fixed Tip Magazines for CyBio Well vario 1536 pipetting head

CyBio Fixed Tip Magazines with ceramic capillaries meet the demands of MALDI-TOF sample preparation. The working volume of 0.1 µl -1 μl guarantees high precision in the drop delivery to the target plate. Washable tips significantly reduce assay costs.

Image:: Precision of p-nitrophenol (dissolved in DMSO) transfer to a dry Greiner 1536 plate using 1 μl ceramic tips. CV = Coefficient of variation.

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