Geared for Discovery

The real-time PCR thermal cycler qTOWER iris empowers your exploration. It equips you to meet your current and future needs in qPCR, as a truly open system: You are free to choose what it takes for your venture – from consumables, assays, to color modules. The instrument can hit six targets at once. And for your peace of mind, you can count on a system designed for long-term use that operates quietly and smoothly, providing uniform precision across every well.

3D Model

Embark on the qTOWER iris Interactive Experience. Navigate via click-and-drag through the 3D model of the qTOWER iris System and delve into its features. Select the red markers to unveil insights into key features.

Equip your Discovery

Choose the best way for how to progress off the beaten path – selecting your devices, materials, and software settings.

Models, Consumables & Software: The qTOWER iris is available in three variants so far, freeing you of limitations in terms of consumables. You can operate up to four devices with a single PC. Our software is, as before, license-free - and we have completely revised it, with a lot of overview and the forgery-proof data transparency that your quality assurance requires. You can build your own template for the PDF of your print report - according to your wishes.

Follow Your Vision

The qTOWER iris can keep pace with the splendor of colors in the rainforest: The color modules cover the spectrum from UV-A to near-infrared - and you have the freedom to choose.

With the qTOWER iris, multiplexing means: up to six targets in one go, with the greatest possible freedom of choice. All color modules are available individually, you decide according to your needs. You are not tied to any manufacturer for assays, dyes and consumables.

Enabling 6-Target Multiplex Real-Time PCR: How to detect six distinct targets in a single sample using real-time PCR. (AppNote)
Protein detection with SYPRO®Orange: How to easily perform thermal shift assays with the qTOWERiris to efficiently optimize protein stability, using the protein module. (AppNote)

Safe Conduct

The fortunes and woes of a desert journey depend on the equipment – but also on the crew. With Analytik Jena you have a complete team of experts at your disposal for your expedition, whom you can always call upon as needed.

Service & Support: You can book exactly what you need when it comes to service – from regular calibration to an all-round care package. And: You will find open ears and like-minded expertise from the Analytik-Jena experts for your applications – directly from the manufacturer.

No Ifs, Ands, or Buts

With qTOWER iris you can take each of your steps with precision – all the way, right up to the top.

When it comes to temperature and readout accuracy, the Real-Time PCR Instrument qTOWER iris knows no ifs, ands, or buts – as well as no edge effects.

10 Orders of Magnitude: Find out about the dynamic range of the instrument. (TechNote)
No need for Passive Reference: The instrument renders passive reference redundant, using the patented fiber optic system. (TechNote)
Volume Independence: qTOWER iris can run a wide variety of sample volumes with homogeneous results. (TechNote)

Over the Moon

For groundbreaking research – whether out in space or inside the microcosm – the equipment has to be just right.

Ergonomics & Peace of Mind: You invest in a durable instrument, with built-in safety ex works. Good for carefree working: The mechanics are uncompromising, the elegance is unparalleled, and the qTOWERiris is also very quiet.

Diving Deep

qTOWER iris provides you with all the freedom you need to develop your own assays. Immerse yourself and help shape the world of qPCR.

Feel Free to Create: qTOWER iris has no manufacturer restrictions and is perfect for creating your own assays. You can run through several temperature variants in the same run, access the logs and browse through the unsmoothed data.

Built on Experience

Analytik Jena has been building PCR technology for over three decades – and has weathered many a storm. The experience we have gained helps us to guide you safely along your journey.

We have been in the qPCR business since 2008. The qTOWER iris builds on tradition – and the proven functions of previous models while adding others.

Life Science Solutions from Analytik Jena includes the Biometra brand for PCR technology and the CyBio brand for liquid handling and automation. Serving researchers and routine users worldwide, we extend our support beyond providing products – acting as a reliable partner for your applications.

Tutorial videos qPCRsoft 5.0

qPCR template setup

This short video guides you through the seamless setup and initiation of a new qPCR run using qPCRsoft 5.0, a software tailored for Analytik Jena's real-time PCR thermal cycler qTOWER iris.

Melting curve analysis

Discover how to configure a melting curve analysis with clear steps for setup and execution in this concise video tutorial.

Absolute quantification analysis

The focus of this video is on absolute quantification analysis, aiming to determine the concentration of unknown samples relative to amplified standards.

ddCt quantification analysis

This tutorial covers ddCt quantification analysis, which evaluates the impact of treatments on gene expression relative to untreated samples. Results show normalized expression ratios against a non-treated calibrator, standardized to a housekeeping gene.

Genotyping analysis

The focus of this short video is on genotyping analysis, which is utilized, for example, to identify sequence differences between two alleles of a gene.


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Performing a Six-Color Probe-based Assay Without Signal Crosstalk and Calibration Effort (EN)

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Detecting Protein Melting Temperatures via Thermal Shift Assay with SYPRO® Orange Dye (EN)

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