New C/N/S/X analyzer multi EA 5100

Tue 31 Mar, 2020

The Entire Elemental Analysis Lab In One Device

One instrument for the entire elemental analysis - with the multi EA 5100, Analytik Jena presents a flexible all-rounder for the analysis of sulfur, nitrogen, chlorine and carbon in liquid, solid or gaseous samples. The elemental analyzer relies on a new type of universal sample feed system to analyze samples of the most varied types more quickly and precisely, even without pretreatment. All adaptations are geared to the needs of industrial customers.

"With the multi EA 5100, a classic is reinventing itself", says Dr. Marc Diener, Director Product Management, Application and Marketing at Analytik Jena. "The user is at the center of this elemental analyzer. All changes and further developments are aimed at making routine tasks easier and saving the user unnecessary work".

The multi EA 5100 impresses with high methodological robustness, high sensitivity and the ability to analyze large sample quantities 24/7 in high throughput. With just a few clicks, ready-made methods can be selected in the software that comply with the regulations and standards of the oil and gas and chemical industries. The new analyzer is mainly used in quality and control laboratories in industrial environments as well as in research and contract laboratories.

The novel sample introduction system combines heating and cooling in one autosampler. Thanks to this combination, the multi EA 5100 is capable of fully automated analysis of both highly volatile samples without loss and highly viscous samples directly and without dilution. Users thus increase their sample throughput by reducing processing times and at the same time reduce the consumption of solvents. The analysis of ultra traces in gases is also refined with the multi EA 5100. The gas dosing units are equipped with a special coating to prevent memory effects. 

For further information visit our multi EA 5100 product page. The new elemental analyzer will also be highlighted at our virtual exhibition, the Analytik Jena Digital Expo.


multi EA 5100 Close-up

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