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Web Seminar: Edible oil processing How to monitor elements and compounds

September 06, 2023 - 4:00 PM CEST


Web Seminar: Edible oil processing How to monitor elements and compounds

September 6, 2023 - 4:00 PM CEST

Contents of this web seminar

Duration: ~60 min
Language: English

Dr. Angela Gröbel, Senior Product Manager / Expert Supervisor Chemical Analysis
Dr. Holger Sievers, Application Specialist Chemical Analysis
Sandra Wunsch, Application Specialist Chemical Analysis

Our webinar is aimed at industry, regulatory and contract laboratories involved in the analysis of edible oils. With combustion elemental analysis, ICP-OES, AAS and UV/Vis molecular spectroscopy, our experts will introduce four techniques which enable precise, efficient, and standard-compliant quality and process analysis of edible oils. They will also show you tips and tricks on how to exploit the additional potential for optimising your analytical workflows regarding the targeted and economic use of elaborate specific techniques.

Learn how to use these techniques for a variety of oils at different steps in the value and processing chain, and how to achieve optimal results and increase sample throughput.

Key learning points:

  • Explore how to carry out the comprehensive analysis of toxic elements, process inhibitors, catalyst poisons as well as the macro-mineral content with ICP-OES.
  • Learn what combustion analysis can achieve in quality control and process monitoring, especially regarding the formation of unwanted compounds during refining.
  • Discover how to streamline analytical workflows with quick screens for organic and inorganic Sulfur and Nitrogen as sum parameters with combustion analysis.
  • Find out how to assess oxidation in oils via DOBI index, and how to monitor the efficiency of bleaching in refinery using UV/Vis spectrometry.
  • Discover what AAS can do as an alternative spectrometric element technique in the analysis of edible oils.
  • Meet our experts and discuss with us in the Q&A.