5 queations to... a dual student Jamal Huleatt, Dual Student International Business Administration

In our format "5 questions to... a dual student" we introduce Jamal Huleatt today. He is a dual student in his 6th semester of International Business Administration at DHGE Gera Eisenach and works at Analytik Jena in the international sales department.

What are your tasks and what does your current working day look like?
I am currently supporting our sales staff with the introduction of a new CRM software. I plan and conduct trainings, take questions and ideas and then deal with possible solutions. I love to tackle new challenges. So I get a lot of pleasure from such tasks.

What do you like most about your study at Analytik Jena?
Analytik Jena is the perfect size for an apprenticeship or dual study program. On the one hand, the company operates internationally, but on the other hand, Analytik Jena is still small enough that the practical phases can often be adapted individually. For example, I started in controlling, but then I was allowed to switch to international sales because I am more interested in that area. Every training program at Analytik Jena is unique.

What does a typical weekend look like for you?
I like to play chess, online as well as over the board. I love chess because I can practice thinking logically and making decisions under pressure while playing.
I am also a beekeeper and have already worked with bees in England, the USA and Germany. From bees I learn how important teamwork is and also how essential healthy ecosystems are.

What are your plans after your apprenticeship?
My wife and I became parents a few weeks ago. That's why my first priority is to take parental leave. We want to visit my parents in the USA and I am really looking forward to spending a lot of time with our son.
After that, I will continue working at Analytik Jena.

Do you have a tip for people, who want to apply at Analytik Jena for an apprenticeship?
If you want to apply at Analytik Jena, you should first know your own strengths and interests. This is the best way for you to contribute. If you know English, you also have an advantage, since Analytik Jena operates internationally.

Thank you very much for the interview! We wish you continued success with your studies!

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