Interview Cornelia Aurich Receptionist

Well Received

Cornelia Hildebrand has been responsible for reception at the Jena site for 15 years. When she joined Analytik Jena in 2006, this work was completely new territory for her. In our interview, she explains how she mastered her career change at Analytik Jena.

Ms. Hildebrand, how did you come to Analytik Jena? How did it all start?

I was looking for a job in 2006 and learned from an acquaintance that Analytik Jena was looking for a maternity leave replacement at reception. Since English was a prerequisite for the job, I took a crash course and started in March 2006. Reception was a career change for me – I am actually a technical drafter. It was new territory for me, and at the beginning it was quite a challenge. Suddenly I was the contact person for everyone and had to be familiar with the entire product range and processes of the whole Company. Fortunately, my colleague at that time was very patient with me and supported me with all of her knowledge. Over time I gained more and more experience and practice and everything went smoothly. I have been with the Company for 15 years now.

What was your first impression of the Company? What did you think of the atmosphere?

It was all very familiar, even though the Company was already very large back then – I really enjoyed that. I also remember the Christmas party in my first year very well. It was overwhelming: so many people in one big hall all celebrating very happily together.

Can you briefly describe your work for the Company? What issues do you deal with and what challenges do you face every day?

My daily work at reception has many facets. I take care of receiving guests, make room bookings, handle the telephone service for the main number, issue vehicles, manage the distribution of the mail, and much, much more. It’s never boring. I make sure that the reception area is always tidy since it is often the first thing visitors see. After all, first impressions are important.

What do you particularly like about your work?

The contact I have with almost all employees in the Company. That gives me a lot of enjoyment. All the more, since everyone is so nice. I like my work a lot; it is varied and there is always something going on. I also find the many new tools, such as the Digital Workplace, very exciting. I enjoy familiarizing myself with these systems.

How has your work for Analytik Jena changed over time? How has Analytik Jena changed over time?

When I joined reception, I had to learn a lot of new things in the beginning, but they have now become second nature. Today I carry out my tasks much more routinely.

Of course, the Company has evolved a lot in my 15 years. It’s become much more international and we are now much more digital than we were back then.

What goals do you have? What else do you have planned for your career?

Never stand still and always chase improvement. That's my motto. One thing I have decided to do is improve my English skills even further. I welcome change, which is particularly necessary in the current pandemic situation.

What motivates you? What drives you?

The fun I get out of my work and my colleagues are the greatest motivation. I go to work every day and think, “Today I get to see my wonderful colleagues again and there’ll be a lot going on.” That spurs me on and that’s why I enjoy going to work every day.

What do you do to really switch off?

I like hiking, either with my family or with my sports group. One of our favorite destinations is the Kernberge Mountains, which we have right on our doorstop in Jena. Apart from that, I love to take care of my garden, it really relaxes me.

Is there an event or personal highlight that stands out in your time at Analytik Jena?

The 25th anniversary celebration in the Weimarhalle was a special highlight for me. The elegant atmosphere and the professional organization were very impressive. Celebrating with my many dear colleagues was a great pleasure.

Thank you for the interview.