Accessories Biometra
Model S2

Order Information


* Please note: The Biometra S2 system is not available anymore. Accessories are still available.

Order numberComb lengthComb thicknessNumber of
Square tooth combs
846-2103504328 cm0,4 mm1625 μl1
846-2103507628 cm0,4 mm2019 μl1
846-21035068*28 cm1,6 mm16100 μl1
846-2103511828 cm0,8 mm3220 μl1
Shark tooth combs
846-2104501814 cm0,4 mm252 – 4 μl6
846-2104601628 cm0,4 mm502 – 4 μl2
846-21045026*14 cm

0,4 mm


1 – 2 μl4
846-21035134*28 cm0,35 mm622 – 4 μl2
Replacement parts for Sequencing Apparatus Model S2
Order numberDescriptionDimensionsContent

Spacer Set for Model S2001/S2

0,35 mm

2 Spacer, 6 End blocks


Spacer Set for Model S2001/S2

0,4 mm2 Spacer, 6 End blocks
846-31109010*Spacer Set for Model S2001/S2

0,8 mm

2 Spacer, 6 End blocks

846-31109028*Spacer Set for Model S2001/S21,6 mm2 Spacer, 6 End blocks
846-21107016*Wedge Spacer for Model S2001/S20,4 – 1,2 mm2 Spacer
846-21105069*Spacer Set for Modell S2001/S20,8 mm1 Spacer
846-21105382*Spacer foam blocks 12 Pieces
846-11034014Glass Plate Set for S2001/S233 cm × 39 cm2 Plates
846-11032018Gel Sealing Tape 1 roll
846-21105358Sealing for buffer chamber S2001/S2 1 Pieces
846-11098019*Clamps for Gel Sandwich 12 Pieces
846-21105283*Surface temperature  3 Pieces

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