Special Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies

Product Details

  • Cyclooxygenase 1 and 2
  • Calpain 2
  • HANTA and DENGUE virus
  • Useful for ELISA, WB and IHC

Monoclonal antibodies (mabs) are offered specifically to human Cyclooxygenase 1 or 2, Calpain 2, HANTA virus (Dobrava, Puumala), Dengue virus (NS1), FITC, DIG and BSA. MAk 5F6 is specifically for human COX 1 and can be used in different immunochemical techniques. Mab 5E10 recognizes isoform COX 2 and is suitable for immuno-chemical assays. Mab 1E8 is specifically für protease Calpain 2. For HANTA virus exist mabs which are specifically for or cross reactive between Dobrava and Puumala, respectively. Antibodies to FITC, DIG or BSA bind spezifically their antigen. For DENGUE virus mabs are available which recognize C-terminal or N-terminal NS1, respectively.

Order Information

Order no.SizeTested
Reactive to:
Anti-Cyclooxygenase-1 5F6, monoclonal
847-0102000101100 µgxxxn.t.COX-1 from human, mouse, rat
847-01020001031 mg    
Anti-Cyclooxygenase-2 5E10, monoclonal
847-0102000201100 µgxxn.t.n.t.COX-1 from human, mouse, rat
847-01020002031 mg    

Anti-Calpain-2 1E8, monoclonal

847-0102000601100 µgxxxxCalpain-2 from cattle and
847-01020006031 mg    
Anti-HANTA Puumala 7C10, monoclonal
847-0102005401100 µgxxn.t.n.t.HANTA virus protein strain
847-01020054031 mg    
Anti-HANTA Puumala 10G11, monoclonal
847-0102005501100 μgxxn.t.n.t.HANTA virus protein strain
847-01020055031 mg     
Anti-HANTA Puumala 1D11, monoclonal
847-0102005601100 μgxxn.t.n.t.HANTA virus protein strain
847-01020056031 mg     
Anti-HANTA Dobrava 8F10, monoclonal
847-0102005701100 μgxxn.t.n.t.HANTA virus protein strain
847-01020057031 mg     
Anti-HANTA Dobrava 4B7, monoclonal
847-0102005801100 μgxxn.t.n.t.HANTA virus protein strain
847-01020058031 mg     
Anti-HANTA 5D8, monoclonal
847-0102005901100 μgxxn.t.n.t.HANTA virus protein strains
Dobrava and Puumala
847-01020059031 mg     
Anti-FITC 7F4, monoclonal
847-0102006001100 μg    FITC, PCR products and proteins
labelled with FITC
847-01020060031 mg     



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