RoboGene Norovirus RNA Detection Kit

Detection of Norovirus RNA from stool samples by real-time PCR

Product Details

  • Verification and differentiation of genogroups GI and GII in parallel with an internal control
  • CE-certified for use with ABI7500 fast real-time-PCR system
  • Kit contains reaction vessels coated with positive controls
  • Sample preparation with InnuPure C16 for up to 16 samples in parallel

The RoboGene Norovirus RNA Detection Kit allows the qualitative detection of Norovirus genogroups GI and GII in human stool samples by real-time PCR. Amongst other genotypes the kit is able to detect the currently circulating strain „Sydney2012“ (GII.4). Using differently labeled fluorescent probes it is possible to differentiate both genogroups. This enables a first epidemiological analysis of samples without time and work consuming sequencing steps. The evaluation of the whole diagnosis process ranging from RNA extraction to detection is possible by analysing of the ranging control, amplified in parallel.

The RoboGene Norovirus RNA Detection Kit is CE validated for use with ABI7500 Fast real-time-PCR-system in combination with the InnuPureC16, applying the innuPREP Virus DNA/RNA Kit-IPC16 for RNA extraction.


Starting material

Human stool samples

Detection time

Amplification ca. 2 h

Order Information

Order numberContentsIVD
847-020740068450 testsCE
847-0207400682100 testsCE



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