RoboGene HDV RNA Quantification Kit 2.0

Real-Time PCR-based detection system for highly sensitive quantification of Hepatitis D Virus (HDV) RNA

Product Details

  • Simplified kit format and improved handling without limitations with regards to precision and quantification of clinical samples
  • Two new kit sizes available with shortened serial lengths
  • Equal range of the standard curve using 4 instead of 8 standards
  • Replacement of extraction tubes by the “IC Spiking Tube“
  • Enlarged durability of solubilized reagents

The RoboGeneHDV RNA Quantification Kit 2.0 is validated for quantification of Hepatitis D Virus RNA in human plasma or serum samples using One-Step Real-Time PCR. Characterized by its outstanding clinical performance the kit enables a worldwide unique analysis of Hepatitis B-positive and additionally with Hepatitis D infected patients. Additionally, the new kit format allows an improved handling. Two kit sizes, both including 4 standard curves, are available in order to provide the perfect solutions from low to higher throughput laboratories enabling an economic usage of reagents. The Internal Control is provided as an IC Spiking Tube for convenient handling with manual as well as automated extraction methods. Despite reduction of number of quantitation standards from 8 to 4, there is no need for compromises regarding sensitivity, precision and accuracy of the results. With respect to handling and flexibility, benefit from an improved product. Furthermore, the RoboGene HDV RNA Quantification Kit 2.0 convinced in a genotype study that proved the reliable detection of all worldwide identified genotypes of the Hepatitis Delta Virus. 


Starting material

RNA from human plasma and serum

Detection time

120 min

Performance characteristics

Used for establishment of the 1st WHO HDV RNA standard 


6 IU/ml



Detection principle

Quantitative qPCR (TaqMan)

Linear range

10 - 108 copies/reaction

Order Information

ItemOrder number Quantity
INSTANT Virus RNA/DNA Kit847-0259200602
50 reactions
847-0259200603250 reactions

RoboGene® HDV RNA Quantification Kit 2.0

847-0207400544Regular profile
tubes 0.2 ml clear
32  reactions
847-020740054296  reactions
847-0207400584Low profile
strips 0.1 ml white
32  reactions
847-020740058296  reactions



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Manual RoboGene HDV RNA Quantification Kit 2.0 CE

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EC-Certificate RoboGene HDV RNA Quantification Kit 2.0

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Product flyer RoboGene product family

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