PQ LC Series Highly Sensitive LC-ICP-MS Solutions for the Determination of Elemental Species

  • Highly sensitive – lowest detection limits
  • Inert – metal free flow path
  • Flexible – system for individual adaptation to your requirements
  • Intuitive – easy handling with up to four solvents

LC-ICP-MS is versatile, robust and highly sensitive method for the determination of element species in various sample matrices. The coupling of the PlasmaQuant MS with PQ LC offers outstanding precision and accuracy in elemental speciation. The combination of excellent chromatography and the high sensitivity of PlasmaQuant MS enables lowest detection limits for e.g., arsenic or chromium species.

Element Speciation Using LC-ICP-MS

PQ LC is a basic chromatography system that is intended for hyphenation with ICP-MS enabling HPLC-ICP-MS and IC-ICP-MS. It can be upgraded for specific needs and applications, e.g., with a column oven or an UV/Vis detector. An ion chromatography module completes the portfolio enabling stand-alone IC applications, which require suppression of background conductivity for conductivity detection.

  • Trace level determination of elemental species thanks to outstanding sensitivity and a wide linear operation range of the PlasmaQuant MS
  • Simple handling and smooth workflows thanks to intuitive handling, fast change of applications, interactive and user-friendly software interface, as well as automatic safety check
  • Flexible configuration and individual adaptation to your needs thanks to various upgrade modules

PQ LC Series for Hyphenation with PlasmaQuant MS

The combination of PQ LC and PlasmaQuant MS (LC-ICP-MS) offers a versatile, robust, and highly sensitive solution for the determination of element species in various kinds of samples. The species or chemical forms in which the element is present can have different mobility, bioavailability, and toxicity. This is why a careful characterization of environmental, food, and agricultural samples as well as consumer goods is required. Liquid chromatography allows for separation of elemental species, and the detection by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) enables highly sensitive determination. Hence, LC-ICP-MS is an essential tool for assessing benefits and/or risk of elements present in the sample.

Environmental – Elemental speciation plays an important role with respect to evaluating chemistry of an element as well as its bioavailability and toxicity towards organisms or their chemical and physical effects on natural cycles. Elements of interest in species identification are e.g., arsenic, chromium, mercury.

Food and Agriculture – The quantification of major and trace elements, and of essential, nutritional, and potentially toxic elements is a common application in ICP-MS. Since an element can be essential or toxic just based on the oxidation state or compound in which it occurs, the determination of elemental species in foods and beverages is crucial for ensuring their safety. LC-ICP-MS enables the determination of elemental species, e.g analyzing arsenic species in juice or mercury species in seafood.

Pharma – Regulations and standards describe quality control procedures to ensure the efficiency and harmlessness of pharmaceutical products. During production, pharmaceutical products might be contaminated with e.g., chromium. Therefore, the potential toxicity must be evaluated by determining the concentration of Cr(VI) according to defined standards.


Technical Data

Dimension (width x depth x height)

PQ LC - HPLC System, non metal, PEEK

396 mm x 478 mm x 165 mm

PQ LC - HPLC System, stainless steel

396 mm x 478 mm x 165 mm

Order Information

Order number


810-88409-0 PQ LC PQ LC - HPLC System, non metal, PEEK
810-88403-0 PQ LC - PQ LC - HPLC System, stainless steel


Column oven for PQ LC - HPLC System 810-88406-0
Eluent Tray for PQ LC - incl. 4 bottles 810-88413-0
IC Column oven for PQ LC - optional Modul for PQ LC Series 810-88516-0
Column Holder for PQ LC 810-88417-0


Data Apex - Clarity Chromatographie Station

The LC system and its components are controlled by the Clarity Chromatography Software (DataApex). This software also interfaces with the ASpect MS device software of PlasmaQuant MS. Once the ICP-MS is initiated, Clarity takes over complete control and data processing. Regular status updates ensure seamless communication and shutdown of all components in the event of system malfunctions. The Clarity software package also supports LC systems from other manufacturers, providing high flexibility in application.


The Clarity Chromatography Software offers a variety of tools for configuring the chromatography system to meet the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11, including:

  • Software validation
  • Installation and operational qualification
  • Creation of user profiles and definition of individual user accounts
  • Electronic signatures and audit trail
  • History of all methods and calibrations as parts of chromatogram data records
  • System suitability test
  • Monitoring of method performance and constant system operation
  • Printed reports
Product Required Included
PQ LC - HPLC System, non metal, PEEK (810-88409-0)
PQ LC - HPLC System, stainless steel (810-88403-0)


810-88420-0 Consumables Kit for PQ LC stainless steel
10-406-722 Consumables Kit for PQ LC PEEK
810-88418-0 HPLC Column PRP X-100 PQ LC and PQ LC compact
418-88230-0 HPLC column Synergi Hydro-RP for PQ LC, 4 µm, 150 x 4.6 mm
418-88220-0 LC-Fitting Kit - for Connection with ICP MS Nebulizer



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