Web Seminar Environmental Analysis Boost Your Environmental Analysis

Contents and goals of the Web Seminar

Duration: ~40 min
Language: English

Today’s environmental labs face high regulatory and financial pressures. EU and national regulations set high standards for the labs and – especially in industry and contract labs - analysis has to be affordable in order to keep a competitive pricing for final products. Additionally, complex sample matrices make even routine analysis difficult and the amount of samples that have to be analyzed in the same amount of time has increased steadily over the years. Analysis solutions have to address these points. In this Web Seminar, Analytik Jena will be highlighting some practical solutions for a variety of routine and special analysis tasks. We will be presenting technologies and applications that work for you and get your lab ready for the future. 

Solutions in this web seminar:

  • Determination of main and trace elements, elemental species and isotopes
  • Sum parameter determination (TOC, TNb, AOX)
  • Technologies: ICP-MS, ICP-OES, AAS, sum parameter analyzers