Web Seminar From Sample to Result Be prepared for all eventualities

Contents and goals of the web seminar

Duration: ~20 min
Language: English

Molecular biology methods can be used in a wide variety of applications. To ensure that you get the maximum quality in your results, proper planning of the workflow and experimental set up is vital. 
This online seminar provides an overview of the steps needed to be taken in setting up a molecular biology lab routine. The individual steps will be expanded upon in the other installments of Analytik Jena’s Web seminar series

In comparison to traditional cultivation or immunoassays, molecular biology methods can get you more specific, cost-effective results in less time. The establishment of one workflow allows the analysis of samples as varied as soil, water, tissue, blood, and many more. Analytik Jena offers solutions for every step of the workflow. Depending on the needs of the end-user different levels of sample throughput as well as different degrees of automation can be implemented. To give an insight into what possibilities these methods and instruments offer, specific application examples will be discussed as well.

  • Introduction of molecular biology workflows from sample to result
  • Advantages of molecular biology to traditional methods
  • Instrumentation possibilities for different end-user needs

Target group: Users new to molecular biology, looking to set up a lab routine